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Is the flu a virus or bacteria?

The flu is a virus or viral infection!The cold and the flu are both respiratory illnesses caused by different viruses! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Afton Reply:

    Depending on the strain and the surface, flu viruses can survive outside a host from a . The type of pink eye you have, bacterial or viral, determines how long a Source:

  2. Shameka Reply:

    Influenza is caused by a virus. its straight up a virus

  3. Adelaida Reply:

    The bird flu or (H5N1) is considered to be an avian disease. Transmission from bird to person is small. One way to get it would be from handling the infected poultry.You can find more information here:… Source:

  4. Ollie Reply:

    Now most bacteria are very good only a few cause diseae. Viruses are neither alive nor dead they cannot reproduce by themselves they must force other cells to make progeny. Source:

  5. Tanika Reply:

    Bacteria and viruses are alike in that they sometimes cause the same symptoms for people and it can be hard to tell if it was a virus or a bacterium that caused the problem in the first place. Source:

  6. Michaele Reply:

    Do U think if the Bird Swine Flu virus,we might all get Flying Pig Flu virus mutates with the Flu? Personnally,I’ll only believe it when I see it

  7. Wynell Reply:

    Colds generally do not have a fever component, BUT colds are virii! The Flu generally has more of a fever component!Bacteria can only survive in a narrow range of environment and usually the body response is to increase your temperature to kill them! Typically bacterial infections represent with a fever and some form of coloured discharge! GENERALLY!Healthy mucous is usually clear(ish) while mucous that is coloured usually indicates that your body is throwing off waste by-products of being sick!Remember that anti-bacterial/antibiotic drugs have little, if any, effect on a virus! Antibiotics are often prescribed Just in case but do not have any support for making any difference!Virii most often have a hard outer shell and can replicate on their own via RNA; that is why they are so difficult to kill and why you need to endure them to build up resistance!Bacteria are softer and need each other to replicate via DNA! Antibiotics attack their outer skin or ability to reproduce!Hope that helps?? In most cases you will get over a cold or flu in seven days or you can wait a week! In either case, a wee bit of discomfort will allow your own natural defenses to get stronger and minimize the future effects!Cheers!

  8. Sheba Reply:

    No it is a viral infection caused by a virus not bacteria. This is why antibiotics that are for treating bacterial infections don't work for the flu, common cold or other

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