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Should I take the Flu shot even though I have a cold?

If you are ill, you should not get the flu shot! I got one a while back and they specifically ask how you are feeling that day! Don’t do it if you feel ill! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bryanna Reply:

    Whether you receive the flu vaccine while suffering from a cold depends on the severity wise to wait until those symptoms have gone away before you get a flu shot." Even if you typically do not get sick, it is also better to be vaccinated and Source:

  2. Juli Reply:

    i took the flu shot two days ago and i feel like i… Can flu shot give you cold or flu symptoms? actually thinks you have the real flu–even though you dont. this is why you can get If I get the H1N1 flu vaccine when I have a cold, can I get…

  3. Alexa Reply:

    The fluvaccine only prevents 3 types of the flu. It is possible to get a different type. Source:

  4. Bambi Reply:

    A flu shot (or intranasal flu vaccine) are made from INFLUENZA viruses. The shot is the outer shell of the virus (which provides the markers we categorize as ‘H’ and ‘N’ types). The intranasal flu vaccine is an ATTENUATED or weakened virus … Source:'t_flu_shots_not_prevent_the_common_cold

  5. Kina Reply:

    Usually you can still get a flu shot if you have a mild cold, as long as you do not have a fever. Inform the clinician giving you the vaccination about your symptoms and the cold and they can decide if the vaccination is appropriate or if y… Source:

  6. Noel Reply:

    How many of you have more 3 to 4 bouts of bouts of cold/flu after receiving a flu shot the past 10 years and? I have flu shots in I have on the average cold/flu every winter.

  7. Irena Reply:

    check http://www!Swine-Flu-Care!infoRegards,

  8. Johnna Reply:

    Can you get a flu shot if you have a cold? You can get a flu shot any time, even with a cold, as long as you haven't had a high fever in the past 48 hours.

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