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What are symptoms of bird flu?

The symptoms of bird flu are similar to the typical flu: fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, but can also lead to pneumonia! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shyla Reply:

    How to Recognize Symptoms of Bird Flu. Bird flu is a serious virus that commonly affects birds. However, there have been a number of human infections in Source:

  2. Sheron Reply:

    Symptoms of bird flu can be a cough, fever, sore throat, and muscle aches. Sometimes, an eye infection is an indication of the bird flu. Look here for more information:

  3. Cody Reply:

    Symptoms of bird flu Fever Sore throat Muscle aches Headache Lethargy Conjunctivitis (eye infections) Breathing problems Chest pains Source:'s_economy

  4. Jacqui Reply:

    Bird flu is a serious virus that commonly affects birds. However, there have been a number of human infections in recent years. And many people are interested in how to identify the symptoms and prevent this disease, which can be fatal if l… Source:

  5. Shasta Reply:

    If you think you might have the bird flu you want to watch out for these symptoms. You may notice a fever, chills, sore throat and congestion. Source:

  6. Gisele Reply:

    Regular flu kills up to 500,000 people each year.

  7. Kaley Reply:

    It also causes severe discoloration of the skin (cant remember the technical term)!!! but you are pretty far gone at this point!!!! theres not much in the way of warning symptoms so its best not to worry about it too much, it will start to affect the bird population first so once that starts happening just avoid handling live birds or their dung!!! and if it gets into the human population on an epidemic or pandemic scale then it would be best to avoid close proximity situations ie! trains, busses, public saunasPS! did you know that the 1918 spanish flu pandemic was actually bird flu!!! and that its not the bird flu itself that kills but the bodys imune system over reacting!!! which is why in the 1918 pandemic it was those with a healthy imune system that died (ie! the fit and young!!! not the old)

  8. Cassie Reply:

    sudden death of a bird that had not appeared ill.lack of energy.appetite loss. nasal discharge.coughing.sneezing.a lack of coordination.diarrhea.swelling of the

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