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What are symptons of hiv?

They symptoms of HIV vary depending on the phase! Early infection is either asymptomatic or have flu-like sickness with rash! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joana Reply:

    Early HIV Symptoms. The early symptoms of HIV resemble many common viral illnesses and may not cause you to suspect that you are infected with a Source:

  2. Carma Reply:

    10% to 40% of people don’t have any initial symptom’s. HIV rash is not itchy and comes in cluster of welts mostly in the trunk area. For the first week a person will experience chronic fatigue and maybe some flu like symptom’s. Stomach ache

  3. Lina Reply:

    Many people don’t develop any symptoms when they’re first infected with HIV. However, some get a flu-like illness within…MORE? Source:

  4. Randy Reply:

    Some symptoms of HIV are Rapid weight loss, Dry cough, Recurring fever or profuse night sweats, Profound and unexplained MORE? Source:

  5. Shaun Reply:

    Usually headache, fever, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and enlarged lymph nodes are the first symptoms of HIV infection. Source:

  6. Athena Reply:

    I have come across that HIV HIV symptons.Is it true? How do we know that rash is the most evident a rash to be an HIV rash?

  7. Ginette Reply:

    Music Lover:It never happens quickly: it can take a few months or even years for the first symptoms!!! which is usually just a prolonged low-severity flu-like experience!-MDx30y

  8. Catrice Reply:

    I don't know all of them but I'm positive about this one. A big sign of HIV is painful intercourse. After having sex a few times, if the last few times have been hurting

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