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What are the flu symptons?

Remember the flu symptoms by remembering F!A!C!T!S Fever Aches Chills Tiredness Sudden symptoms! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jessica Reply:

    How to Treat Swine Flu Symptoms. Do you have the symptoms of swine flu? It certainly is what everyone seems to be talking about today. As new cases of swine Source:

  2. Kasi Reply:

    Remember the flu symptoms by remembering "F.A.C.T.S" Fever Aches Chills Tiredness Sudden symptoms.

  3. Nilda Reply:

    The symptoms of swine flu are similar to the symptoms of regular influenza,including fever,lethargy,lack of appetite and coughing. Source:

  4. Roseanna Reply:

    it is a sickness that acts like a flu but is not a flu Answer No. a flu like symptom is a symptom of the flu that can also belong to other diseases. A symptom is a sign of a disease; NOT A DISEASE. Watch House and you will get a fair idea o… Source:

  5. Armandina Reply:

    the swine flu symptoms are: headaches, body aches, coughing, breath shortage, vomiting Source:

  6. Lexie Reply:

    Two days ago caulghing as there was fluid in the lungs has been clear as with.What ever comes up so far the nose running.Had a flue shot from the v.a.a month ago.So far there

  7. Codi Reply:

    yes you have the flu rest and keep hydrated and an eye on your temp! I say that becuase you tend not to wanna drink often when you have a fever and can easly get dehyrated and many have started with a cold this yr that turned to flu that turned into bronchits and some have even got pnemunia this yr everything is nasty! If anything feels wrong or temp seems high go to dr with out thinkin bout it! And keep warm it seems this flu gives most mega chills and chills can make fever worse! now go getsome rest!

  8. Tarsha Reply:

    With the flu you will usually have body aches in your joints and muscles. sounds like you have a lot of mucus (sore throat, cough hurts in chest, headaches) could become bronchitis if you let it settle in your chest long enough. Take Mucine

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