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What are the ingredients in a flu shot?

Ingredients in one Flu Shot-Fluvirin: influenza virus neomycin, polymyxin beta-propiolactone chick embryonic fluid! Thank you! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Genevieve Reply:

    What Are the Ingredients of a Flu Shot?. Each year millions of people around the world receive the flu vaccine to prevent the onset of the influenza virus. But just Source:

  2. Fanny Reply:

    History and Evolutions While influenza may be considered a nuisance or minor health problem by today’s standards, in the early 20th century, according to the World Health Organization, strains of the Spanish Flu killed millions of people. F

  3. Kayleen Reply:

    The influenza vaccine must be administered intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle located in the shoulder. The skin must be stretched with the thumb and the index finger so it will be less painful. Source:

  4. Melaine Reply:

    First make sure you have the correct needle size for the person getting the shot. Draw the correct dosage of the vaccine according to the age of the person. Find the deltoid muscle and clean it with an alcohl wipe. Pull the skin taut and in… Source:

  5. Drew Reply:

    While many do not even think of getting a flu shot until September before flu season begins, officials and researchers at the World Health Organization are in the planning stages for the influenza vaccine and its contents six months in adva… Source:

  6. Theressa Reply:

    What exactly is in a flu ingredients? I got my flu shot shot vaccine? Is formaldehyde one of the last Friday (so tomorrow makes a week), and my arm is still bothering me. It

  7. Herminia Reply:

    Viral particles, and as they are grown in eggs, there will also be some residual egg proteins, antibiotics (as a preservative and to ensure its kept sterile) salt water and also a minuscule amount of detergents! If you are in Europe, we use adjuvants such as squalene in our vaccines! There isnt one in the US Influenza vaccines!Some Influenza vaccines also contain a mercury containing preservative (thimerosal)! I think thats about it!All ingredients used in the vaccines are in safe amounts!

  8. Bong Reply:

    Sep 15, 2009 The following information about ingredients in the Melbourne-based CSL Ltd. H1N1 2009 vaccine was found in the package insert, like all the

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