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What are the symptoms of having pneumonia?

Pneumonia can be difficult to spot! It often mimics a cold or the flu, beginning with a cough and a fever! Chest pain is a MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Helga Reply:

    Symptoms of viral pneumonia in infants can come on rapidly or slowly, and can breathing and labored breathing are also symptoms; an infant who is having Source:

  2. Florance Reply:

    Mar 17, 2011 Pneumonia symptoms caused by bacteria in otherwise healthy people Fast, often shallow, breathing and the feeling of being short of breath.

  3. Ta Reply:

    Symptoms of pneumonia are: cough, fever, shaking, fast breathing, feeling short of breath, feeling very tired or weak & nausea. Source:

  4. Shawana Reply:

    Well, some of the common symptoms of pneumonia include fever, shortness of breath, cough, yellowish green or rust coloured phlegm, chest pain, increased heart rate etc. However, all these symptoms are not present in all cases of pneumonia. Source:

  5. Tamisha Reply:

    The symptoms of walking pneumonia include lethargy, sudden chills, mild to severe headaches. constant runny nose, pain in your abdominal area, ear, muscles and chest and some people experience sore throats because they have a constant cough… Source:

  6. Van Reply:

    I’m 42 y.o. and have been sick on and off all winter for with a few day break 2 wks at a time b-4 the 2nd week hits. This last time I had a bad cold-cough for 1 wk. felt bette

  7. Magaret Reply:

    pmc123 does not know if your boyfriend is seriously ill or not! Upper respiratory infections, particularly bronchitis, cause excessive coughing, pain from strained respiratory muscles and shortness of breath! Your boyfriend cant be diagnosed online, based on what youve posted or by some one other than an NP, PA or MD! You didnt say pneumonia symptoms you feel he has! This might have been enlightening because pneumonia symptoms can vary from one person to another!Did he start out with what appeared to have been a simple cold or the flu! Check these symptoms online and think back! The common symptoms of pneumonia are fever (but not always), cough, shortness of breath, sweating, shaking chills, chest pain that worsens with inhalation, headache, muscle pain and fatigue! But some of these symptoms arent exclusive to pneumonia so it can take a doctor visit and chest X-ray to make a diagnosis!This could be just bronchitis and severe bronchitis can make you feel like youre just going to die! He should not lay prone or supine! His head should remain elevated to facilitate lung ventilation and avoid pain!As I said, he cannot be diagnosed online, etc! Whatever his reasons for refusing medical care, they cant be more compelling than what hes going through! Pneumonia can be life-threatening! Lay that on him! And its so treatable! But he shouldnt delay! Ill communicate directly with him if you think it will help!

  8. Crissy Reply:

    Also having the flu, plus getting a bacteria such as Klebsiella can cause pneumonia. THE SYMPTOMS that you get when you have pneumonia includes:

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