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What are the sympton for HIV?

Many people don’t develop any symptoms when they’re first infected with HIV! However, some get a flu-like illness within!!!MORE?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lisette Reply:

    HIV Symptoms Timeline. The progress of HIV-disease can be seen along a predictable time-line, with a total of four different groups of symptoms for infection in Source:

  2. Rubye Reply:

    Many people don’t develop any symptoms when they’re first infected with HIV. However, some get a flu-like illness withinMORE?

  3. Dannette Reply:

    Some symptoms of HIV are Rapid weight loss, Dry cough, Recurring fever or profuse night sweats, Profound and unexplained MORE? Source:

  4. Elissa Reply:

    Usually headache, fever, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and enlarged lymph nodes are the first symptoms of HIV infection. Source:

  5. Joey Reply:

    10% to 40% of people don’t have any initial symptom’s. HIV rash is not itchy and comes in cluster of welts mostly in the trunk area. For the first week a person will experience chronic fatigue and maybe some flu like symptom’s. Stomach ache… Source:

  6. Agueda Reply:

    suppose tested HIV positve after long time treatment appears HIV negetive/AIDS? People living with HIV/AIDS who are using A RVs is he free from HIV for certain period after re

  7. Kayleen Reply:

    You probably dont have HIV! The sickness that follows HIV is AIDS, and that wont turn up until months or years after an HIV infection! Also, it is much more difficult for a man to receive HIV from a woman than for a woman to receive from a man!Why dont you ask her if she has HIV?? If she doesnt, you dont!

  8. Mariah Reply:

    Symptoms Early After Infection – Acute HIV – In emergency departments and family practice offices, people come in with symptoms like fever, headache, muscle

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