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What can a doctor do for someone with the flu?

The best prevention method for the Flu is the Flu vaccine which must be injected annually! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Karrie Reply:

    As an person experienced with this illness (I've caught it 4 See a DOCTOR. And follow your doctor's orders as best you can. 2 What to Do for the Flu? Source:

  2. Gertude Reply:

    Sep 25, 2009 Do you know when to call the doctor about flu? Learn more about flu symptoms, flu tests, and how you can avoid serious problems with flu. Most of the time, a flu diagnosis is made by the person’s symptoms. In some cases

  3. Florrie Reply:

    Every year, up to 20 percent of the population gets influenza (or flu). Those afflicted suffer from high fevers, chills, muscle aches and respiratory infections. The flu is no fun. What’s more, it can pose a serious health risk. When your c… Source:

  4. Ligia Reply:

    Most cases of the flu can be treated by staying home, getting plenty of rest, and drinking lots of fluids. It is also recommended to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol and to wear a mask to avoid infecting others. Over-the-counter medicines … Source:

  5. Rosaura Reply:

    If you’ve come down with a bug, you may wonder how long someone with the stomach flu is contagious. First, you need to look at which type of virus you have. Most adults have norovirus. You will begin to get sick within 2-3 days of exposure…. Source:

  6. Youlanda Reply:

    Flu like symptoms, went to doctor, no test for flu? Should I get a second, which gets worse when I opinion? I have a horrible headache move, stand, and with noise and light. I

  7. Angelika Reply:

    This sounds like the normal progression of a cold/viral illness and you did not have the classic symptoms of meningitis! Moving your chin to your chest would set off severe pain and a terrible headache if you have meningitis and you would not be able to do this movement! Taking some tylenol or motrin for the stiff neck/headache/sore throat would be common sense! Seeing your family doctor for evaluation and possible treatment of the sore throat (if it happened to be strep) would also be common sense! Most colds/viral illnesses last 10-14 days! If you had meningitis, by now, your symptoms would be severe!

  8. Kaila Reply:

    However, when worn by someone with the cold or flu symptoms, the masks Do not go to the doctor and demand or expect to be prescribed antibiotics for a

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