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What can be some reasons for my muscles hurting?

Mild soreness just a natural outcome of any kind of physical activity! It can be the result of exercise, as well as injury! Some people also get muscle aches when they’re sick, like with the flu or a cold, or if they are withdrawing from a drug! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Darby Reply:

    Sore leg muscles can be caused by a number of things, including lifting Some muscle pain is felt at the moment the tear in the muscle happens, while other pain Thanks for the helpful hints to relieve my sore leg muscles after heavy squats and lunges:) What Are the Causes of Sore Leg Muscles With Weakness? Source:

  2. Myriam Reply:

    May 12, 2008 Here are some additional tips to help you manage your energy: I can’t do house work, dishes, everything hurts and causes more pain. My own doc thinks he’s crazy but sent me to muscular skeletal to see what he thinks.

  3. Ji Reply:

    Your muscles are sore from being used more than you normally use them, which is getting you in shape. Source:

  4. Sheron Reply:

    Muscles are used all the time so there will always be a reason for the pain. See your doctor to rule out serious illness. Source:

  5. Sharron Reply:

    There are many reasons why muscles hurt after exercise. Potential causes include injury, fatigue, overuse of muscles, accumulation of lactic acid after heavy exercise, etc. If the pain does not go away after resting or if it worsens, you sh… Source:

  6. Diedre Reply:

    But could this be the reason my neck is stiff and sore or back hurting and a bad headache?

  7. Dagmar Reply:

    RestIceCompressionElevationi hope you win!

  8. Leontine Reply:

    added What causes stinging pain from leftside under arm to the wrist to Pain 7 from WikiAnswers users: Vascular – There could be some reason for poor .. One view:I was told mine was a build up of uric acid around my muscles and joints.

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