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What causes sinus headaches?

Sinus headaches can be the result of a sinus infection or allergies! They are caused by inflammation of the sinus passages! Thanks Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Leoma Reply:

    A sinus headache is a symptom of inflamed, congested sinuses. To get rid of your headache, you in your sinuses. Learning the cause will make it easier to treat. Source:

  2. Marcy Reply:

    The facial sinuses are cavities filled with air. There are four major sinuses in the face, referred to as paranasal sinuses: maxillary, frontal, ethmoid and sphenoid. The function of the paranasal sinuses remains a topic of debate in the me

  3. Kelsey Reply:

    About the Sinuses The sinuses are air-filled cavities in the head, lined with cells that produce mucus. This mucus then drains into the nasal cavity. The exact functions of the sinuses are not yet understood, but they may include the warmin… Source:

  4. Shenita Reply:

    True Sinus Headache A true sinus headache is a deep, throbbing pain felt in the sinus cavities around the nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks. The pain can intensify with movement, and is accompanied by a fever and allergy/sinus symptoms such a… Source:

  5. Vida Reply:

    Pulsing pain above and below your eyes and in your cheeks, a feeling of fullness and congestion–few things are more annoying than a full-blown sinus headache. Fortunately, most sinus headaches are caused by easily treated conditions. Even … Source:

  6. Crystle Reply:

    If not, what is safe?

  7. Raeann Reply:

    http://www!entnet!org/healthinfo/sinus/sinus_headaches!cfm !!!http://www!headaches!org/consumer/educationalmodules/completeguide/other2!html !!!http://www!sinusnews!com/Articles/sinusheadaches!html !!! http://www!mayoclinic!com/health/sinus-headaches/DS00647 !!http://www!drgreene!com/21_421!html !!!http://www!netwellness!com/healthtopics/flu/sinusheadache!cfm !!! just Googling Sinus Headache because I have a similar problem hoping to find a solution! It seems many articles say that what many people assume to be sinus headaches are actually migraines–Thanks for asking this question! Good luck!

  8. Monica Reply:

    Many things can cause headaches. It generally depends on what type of headache you are referring to, such as tension, sinus, migraine, or cluster headache.

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