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What causes vomiting?

Vomit is matter ejected through the mouth (or nose!) Overeating, the flu, morning sickness, food poisoning, hangover and even motion sickness can all cause vomiting! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Angella Reply:

    What Causes Vomiting & Diarrhea?. The 24-hour stomach flu, also called "the bug," is a fast-moving illness that causes a lot of wreckage when it hits the body. Source:

  2. Angelica Reply:

    Vomiting can be caused by many things. For example, it can be caused by drinking, illness, medication, or pregnancy. When you are sick or feel like you may be sick, try ginger ale and crackers.

  3. Cassidy Reply:

    We love our dogs, but few things are more disgusting than cleaning dog vomit off the floor. Usually, the cause of your dog’s vomiting is something benign, like motion sickness, a change in food or eating something that didn’t agree with him… Source:

  4. Shaunta Reply:

    When dogs vomit it is called Hematemesis. Some of the things that can cause this is poisoning, Parasites, swallowing a foreign object and reaction to a certain drug. There are also chronic illness that could cause blood in vomiting. Source:

  5. Latina Reply:

    Black vomit can be caused by some type of internal bleeding or even cancer. You really need to go to the emergency room or seek medical help as soon as possible. Source:

  6. Edythe Reply:

    I took a 50 mg tab of ruptured cervical disk until of tramadol at 3:00 pm. Prescribed today to ease pain I can see a neurologist. Started vomiting at 5:00. Possible side ef

  7. Nicolle Reply:

    yep, it happens! And it is sad because we want to help them feel better! Check their temp to make sure they are not too hot, then what I would do is give her a little bottle of watered down pedialyte! Only about 2 ounces! Give this to her in a bottle and monitor to make sure she does not throw it up! Since she has runny stool, lay off the milk for a while too! You can give a little bit to each baby! This sounds like a little stomach bug, but its just their bodies way of adapting to certain bacteria, etc! Its very normal for a baby to get diarrhea! Pretty soon their appetite will go up tremendously, that is how you know they are better!!!

  8. See Reply:

    Repeated or profuse vomiting may cause erosions to the esophagus or small tears in the esophageal mucosa (Mallory-Weiss tear). This may become apparent if

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