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What causes your tummy to hurt?

Some causes of abdominal pain are appendicitis, colon cancer, constipation, gallstones, stomach flu, heartburn, bacteria, or hunger! See a doctor if pain is persistent! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jenell Reply:

    Stress is remarkable in its ability to cause or alter physical pain and diseases, and yes, stress can make your stomach hurt, along with other parts of your body. Source:

  2. Caroyln Reply:

    Dehydration, bacteria, and viruses are some common causes. Oh , I forgot intolerance to certain foods, like lactose intolerance for one.

  3. Farah Reply:

    There are so many causes of stomach aches that I wouldn’t have enough room to list them here. The most common things I see that cause pain like this are constipation, milk intolerance and parasites, but there are many more, too. If it’s be… Source:

  4. Leonia Reply:

    Well that is a babyish question! But I know what you mean! It never hurts! Source:

  5. Earlie Reply:

    There are many different causes on why your eyes hurt. Corneal abrasions and infections is one of them. A sty can also be the cause, as well as conjunctivitis which are also known as pink eye. For more information, look here: http://www.web… Source:

  6. Shakia Reply:

    I agree with K on this one! When I have instigated Oh, you dont feel good, where does it hurt?? Ethan will go with it for days! One time he kept saying his stomach hurt! He would even hunch over and walk funny! The night before he had been rough housing with his dad and I thought perhaps he had pulled a muscle! I took him to the doctor after talking to the nurse!!!! The second we got there he was fine and couldnt even remember where it hurt!!!!! Give it a few more days and see where it goes and dont bring it up again unless she does!:)

  7. Dulcie Reply:

    I have stomach aches all the time when I'm nervous. Anxiety can even make you to have diarrhea. If you think that the main cause of your stomach to hurt is that

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