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What could be causing body aches, a fever, a sore throat, and a cough?

In most cases, the underlying cause of a sore throat – such as a cold or the flu – will get better on its own within a week! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Christian Reply:

    Chest colds, also known as acute bronchitis, are caused when the bronchial Once inflammation occurs, the bronchial tubes produce thick mucus that causes coughing. Other symptoms of a chest cold are fever, body aches, sore throat and fatigue. Fluids, rest, moisture and medications can help relieve a chest cold's Source:

  2. Cornelia Reply:

    Illnesses caused by viruses are among the most frequent causes of fever in can include a runny nose, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, and muscle aches.

  3. Somer Reply:

    What is wrong can’t really be determined from those symptoms since they could represent different things, especially from person to person. However, they are very similar to the typical symptoms of an upper respiratory virus infection, like… Source:

  4. Carlene Reply:

    It seems that you have the flu. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and relaxe. Have a nice day relaxing on the couch. Source:,-coughing,-sore-throat,-headache,-and-body-aches

  5. Pricilla Reply:

    Symptoms of the flu include fever, sore throat, body aches, chills, aches, tiredness, headache, runny nose, dry cough and more. Source:

  6. Suanne Reply:

    I have a sore throat, fever, body aches, and chills. A test has confirmed it’s not strep throat. What is it? I don’t have a headache, stomach problems, runny nose, or rash. I

  7. Christel Reply:

    You need to take him to he doctor !!! it would be unwise to allow him to go to school and spread the love !!! since you have seen first hand !! that he has a contagious agent ( I am assuming since you now have symptomology) !!!!It could be the flu !!! remember !! no hysteria here !!!! there are many strains of the flu !!!! but just get him evaluated !!!I hope you start feeling better :)

  8. Ima Reply:

    follow. [report abuse]. Can you answer this question? What can cause intermittent fever sore throat headache body aches and cough and last for five weeks?

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