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What do I have if I have a fever, I feel cold, and I’m throwing up?

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  1. Ellen Reply:

    Identify the cause of vomiting before taking action with expertise from a How to Know if Your Kid is Faking an Illness How to Treat an Infant's Cold ARNP health and wellness consultant, and I'm here to give you a few tips and strategies. Do they also have a fever, does it seem like it's a little infection or stomach flue Source:

  2. Waneta Reply:

    Aug 5, 2011 I’m vomiting and can’t keep anything down — Help! Stay hydrated; take small sips of cold, clear, carbonated or sour Dry, sticky feeling in the mouth; Dry eyes or few tears when crying If you do not have an oral rehydration solution on hand, your health care Have a fever higher than 101.5 F (38.6 C).

  3. Lucienne Reply:

    Your’e probaly sleep walking at night and raping fat chinese people and stealing their cocaine, heroine, LSD, or any other crazy ass drug. Source:'m_cold

  4. Alethia Reply:

    Feeling Cold All The TimeThe tendency to feel cold is indicative of circulatory problems and issues, as it is blood flow which causes us to have a sensation of warmth. A perfectly healthy individual can feel cold all the time if they live w… Source:

  5. Talitha Reply:

    The hypothalamus, a part of the brain just above the pituitary gland, contains the body’s "thermostat." It senses the temperature of the blood and compares it with a "setpoint"—the desired temperature. If the actual temperature differs from… Source:

  6. Ellena Reply:

    I have a Fever, cold, phlegm, head ache, throwing up, loss of appetite, what could this be? i feel very bad, one of the worst sickness’s of my life. im guessing bronchitis pne

  7. Caroline Reply:

    Food Poisoning!

  8. Carol Reply:

    You don't want to dampen the fire, and you do have to feed it. . If you feel cold at night, get up and eat a piece of cheese or some nuts (the oil will slowly fuel your body and keep you warm while you sleep) If I'm sick with a cold I'll stand in a hot shower and take in the steam. . How long after vomiting are you contagious ?

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