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What do you feel like before you get the flu?

Before full blown flu symptoms appear, many people experience fatigue and body aches! Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kiyoko Reply:

    An upset stomach can come from many things and before you treat it, you need to find Indigestion, flu, motion sickness, heartburn and food poisoning can all cause nausea and the remedies vary depending on what caused the stomach to get upset. They'll make you feel better by neutralizing the acid in your stomach. Source:

  2. Dallas Reply:

    Top Things to Know About the Flu Although you may feel yucky if you get the People carrying the virus can be contagious 1 day before their symptoms way to take care of yourself is to rest in bed and drink lots of liquids like water and other

  3. Teodora Reply:

    You have no idea where you caught it, but it doesn’t matter since you haven’t the energy to get mad at the culprit responsible for sharing the gift that keeps on giving–the flu. What’s a flu sufferer to do? Take the advice of those who hav… Source:

  4. Leora Reply:

    The flu is a virus-borne ailment that generally is more severe than a cold. Unlike colds, a vaccine may prevent the flu, because the number of viruses that cause influenza are far fewer than those that trigger colds. Symptoms of the flu inc… Source:

  5. Lai Reply:

    Many people believe that they are in no danger of spreading the swine flu until symptoms appear. In reality, the Centers for Disease Control warns that symptoms may not appear for one full day after being infected. It is important to recogn… Source:

  6. Arline Reply:

    Do i have the flu or the 24 hour flu if it said 98.8 and then i took it i feel warm? i checked my temp and again it said 98.6. i feel tired but not like overly tired. i also h

  7. Athena Reply:

    I was very active through my pregnancy, always on the go!!!2 weeks before i had my son, I was drained! I had a hard time sleeping because I could never get comfortable! i had a hard time walking around, i was slow! When you are close, you will have contractions, at first I thought nothing about the pains i was having, they we slight pains i was having when i was walking, on the lower part of my tummy!!!that night they got worse! My friend told me they we contractions, i did not believe her a first, but they continued!!!My husband and i kept timing my contractions and when they we 5 minutes apart, i headed to the hospital, that was 3pm, I still did not have him until 1245am! Good luck new mommy!

  8. Brittny Reply:

    For the flu, get a vaccination (flu shot or jab). Wash your hands before you touch someone else or their things so you don't spread the virus (a Most viruses, like colds and flu, are spread by moving microbe-like particles from one person's It is likely only a coincidence if you feel better soon after starting the antibiotics,

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