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What does it mean if it hurts when you swallow?

Sore throats are often warning signs of colds or flu! But they can be the result of some other viral or bacterial infection! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kayla Reply:

    What does it mean when the top of your mouth hurt and it goes into you thoart area with headaches and it hurts to swallow

  2. Bibi Reply:

    Do you have pain or scratchiness in your throat? Is it difficult to swallow? Chances are What Does It Mean to Have a Sore Throat? Do you If you have a sore. Source:

  3. Samara Reply:

    It could be a variety of things such as a Sore throat, Strep throat, Flu, Laryngitis,or Pharyngitis.

  4. Evelynn Reply:

    Pain from swallowing can be caused by a wide variety of disorders from bacterial/viral infection to cancer. See an M.D. Source:

  5. Vera Reply:

    you probably have a strep throat but in a few days it will go away Source:

  6. Bernadine Reply:

    Has it hurt to swallow for very long? If so, see your doctor.It could be a cold or flu. Gargle with warm salted water every 2 hrs. Source:

  7. Thomas Reply:

    i have a sore throat, a minor cough and barely swallow. it hurts my ears.? im in extreme pain, and have slept for 14 any phlegm. it hurts really bad to and still wake up tired

  8. Mamie Reply:

    It means that your glands are swollen and your are probably on your way to having a full blown cold!!!!

  9. Renay Reply:

    What does it mean if your throat hurts to swallow? Does it hurt to swallow with a soar throat? it mean like if you hurt your troart you nedd to go to the doctor

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