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What does it mean if you get the chills?

If you get the chills, it could mean that you’re cold, or that you have come down with an illness such as the flu or a cold! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Samantha Reply:

    One person told me it means that someone just walked over your grave in the future but another person told me its when a ghost walks through you so which on is it?

  2. Constance Reply:

    If you've ever wondered why you get a sudden rush of little bumps on your arms and legs when you get cold, scared It's derived from the Latin word, "horrere" which means "to stand on end," and "pilus," which translates as "hair"; thus, Why Do I Get Chills When I Am Not Cold? What Does it Mean to Goose Someone? Source:

  3. Demetrius Reply:

    Chills are one indicator of having the flu!

  4. Jonelle Reply:

    Wind chill is how cold you feel when you are outdoors, based on how much heat you lose from exposed skin due to wind. In other words, the amount of wind on your skin can make it FEEL alot colder than the actual temp. Source:

  5. Asuncion Reply:

    An infection that causes fever will cause a person to have chills. Being exposed to cold environments will make you have chills also. The body’s muscle rapidly contract and relax when it feels something cold causing the chills. Look here fo… Source:

  6. Hortensia Reply:

    Chills can be caused when you experience cold air from an environment. Chills can also be caused by an illness in which you are running a temperature. Source:

  7. Kimberlee Reply:

    I have chills without fever…eyes pain and pressure.ears flush with redness and irritation.chills my spine? i feel chills without fever down my spine neck and back…but my e

  8. Suzi Reply:

    Could be scared! Or worried! Or stressed maby

  9. Marna Reply:

    If you get the chills does it mean someone is thinking of you naked? Answer It! What does it mean if someone says they are thinking about you?

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