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What does it mean if your throat hurts and you can barely talk?

Viral illnesses such as the flu or common cold can cause bad sore throats as can bacterial infections like strep and tonsillitis! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gabriela Reply:

    Over the weekend, the cat barely eats and rises from her bed only to drink Like any person, when a cat's stomach hurts, he doesn't feel like eating or Talk to your vet. The vet may be the expert in animal health in general, but you know your pet better than she does. Then, you can rub her throat to make her swallow. Source:

  2. Margo Reply:

    Instead of suffering with a sore throat for a week or more, you can drive it away are already suffering from serious sore throat pain, can barely speak, swallow or even eat. After that, do not swallow your saliva, just let the salt dissolve right there on If you’re using a salt shaker, shake 2 to 6 times depending how bad your

  3. Bertie Reply:

    It could be any number of things from Strep Throat or Bronchitis. It could also be allergies. Source:

  4. Mina Reply:

    When the back of your throat hurts when swallowing it is commonly a sore throat caused by a virus that will go away on its own. Source:

  5. Mildred Reply:

    Yo no puedo hablar me duele la garganta is Spanish for I can’t talk my throat hurts, ChaCha! Source:'t-talk-my-throat-hurts%22-in-spanish

  6. Wendy Reply:

    i have a sore throat, a minor cough and barely swallow. it hurts my ears.? im in extreme pain, and have slept for 14 any phlegm. it hurts really bad to and still wake up tired

  7. Wen Reply:

    Heres a little analogy for you that might help! Think about a baby that has been fed, has just had a nap and a diaper change, and is laying peacefully in your arms smiling up at you! How does that baby feel?? He feels good, right?? Content! Happy! Peaceful! That is the home state of our mind! We all have the ability to feel peaceful and happy and good! Sometimes, however, we start to wander away from home base by listening to our thoughts! We might think we are having a bad hair day and find ourselves out of that nice home and on the porch! Maybe we think some more bad thoughts and find ourselves out in the street! Some people think themselves all the way across the world, yet to go home again all we need to do is to stop paying attention to those thoughts and notice the quiet space underneath! Does that make any sense to you?? Im suggesting that perhaps you are paying too much attention to your thoughts!!! thoughts that say you are not are not okay, that you are having a hard time! When you believe those thoughts they seem very real for you, yet all you need to do to feel okay again is to remember who you are underneath all the thinking! If your thoughts are not creating the experience you want to have, change what you are thinking! Instead of thinking I have all these problems think I am a really awesome girl and I have all of these amazing qualities! Minimize the thinking that makes you feel bad, maximize the thinking that makes you feel good! :)

  8. Avery Reply:

    I qot my tonque pierced an I get freaked out by any kind of pain. i hardly felt it at If you get your tongue pierced make sure you can take the pain, because it You know it does hurt but I mean, loads of things in life hurt waaaaay more a bit =D And then in one hour it swelled but it isn't bad, only when I'm talking or eating.

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