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What does it mean when you cant eat?

Loss of appetite can be a symptom of anorexia, viral infection, flu, depression, and the common cold among others! Visit your doctor if you’re concerned! again! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. breanna Reply:

    Every time I eat or even smell food I wont to throw up every where I have not ate in 7/8 days and I’m worried it could be sum serious

  2. leann Reply:

    people say its normal for it to happen but like its nasty ccause now im worried and not doing so well in school

  3. leann Reply:

    right now i cant eat anyhtng everytime i see food i get sick and just wanna throw up.

  4. Michaele Reply:

    In most cases, you shouldn't worry too much if you can't eat much during the first that you do ingest, so rarely does fetal harm result from eating less than normal . For example, a craving for meat might mean than your body needs protein, Source:

  5. Hue Reply:

    But by making smart choices, they can eat delicious foods without feeling sick. Lactose intolerance does not mean you are allergic to milk, but you will probably feel Without lactase, the body can’t properly digest food that has lactose in it.

  6. Rachell Reply:

    They say that there is something in chocolate that is poisonous to dogs. It is a chemical in it called Theobromine and is very toxic to dogs. Source:'t_dogs_eat_chocolate

  7. Celestine Reply:

    When you are pregnant, there is a short list of foods that are not recommended but more foods that are to be limited. Number one on the list to avoid is alcohol. You should limit caffeine from coffee and pop. Fish that is high in Mercury sh… Source:'t_pregnant_women_eat

  8. Dorthea Reply:

    The only time a Catholic is not suppose to eat meat on Friday’s is during Lent. Lent is to teach us penace and self denial, and spiritual cleansing. Source:'t_catholics_eat_meat_on_fridays

  9. Eva Reply:

    I(i also exercise). My cal counter book says ‘its energy in verses energy out im not eating high fat’ ultimately and as long as bad food ,if my energy needs are in deficit i c

  10. Lynn Reply:

    stop eating!!!get some hobbies! Just becuz you feel hungry, doesnt mean u are! Its just natural for your body to act that way if u eat a lot! Depression may make u do that!!!but why overeat and be depressed at the same time?? U can easily solve the overeating problem by stop eating!

  11. Mckenzie Reply:

    It depends what you mean, if you mean you can't get enough sleep or you just can't eat then I would say that you should go to a doctor, but if you mean that you

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