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What does it mean when you get too hot and you feel sick?

If you feel sick and get dizzy it could be many things, such as the flu or a virus! If it continues, you should see a doctor to be checked! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Makeda Reply:

    Dizziness can be confusing and troublesome, especially if you don't know what's Dizziness can be caused by something as simple as standing up too quickly. If you get motion sick, do not try to read on a boat, plane or in the car. or other things, try to avoid them and sit down if you feel yourself getting hot or dizzy. Source:

  2. Lorena Reply:

    If you haven’t done this, but still have the feeling that you are later, you probably You may be under stress, ill, or taking a birth control pill with too little estrogen.

  3. Antonina Reply:

    Exhaustion, dehydration, sudden change in activity, there could be a few different reasons. Source:'re_not_sick

  4. Denese Reply:

    You might get heat stroke, which occurs if you stay out in the sun too long. Source:

  5. Rivka Reply:

    Get yourself a cheap plastic spray bottle. Check the Dollar Tree or any major department store like Target or Wal-mart, in the travel toiletries isle. Fill it with water and place it by your bed. I have mine on my night stand, so it’s withi… Source:

  6. Margareta Reply:

    Please help! Whenever i got hot i to pass out after I feel sick. Why? I have been noticing that i start to get nauseous over the past few weeks and feel like im going dance or

  7. Dannielle Reply:

    if ur meals are too small your body could need more because u hav a fast metabolism! thats the heat ur feeling, ur body is expecting more food!try drinking lots of water and eating earlier, eat raw vegetables, these help t calm the stomach!

  8. Classie Reply:

    If you are indoors with poor ventilation you may feel sick, or if your extremities have got Anytime a person's body is under great stress such as being too cold will have an undesirable effect on the immune system. Also: Being in the cold doesn't mean your body temperature is lowered. . Yes they do, warm weather also.

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