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What does it mean when you have stomach pain and diarrhea?

Abdominal pain and diarrhea can be caused by multiple conditions including gastroenteritis, commonly called the stomach flu! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Chantelle Reply:

    I recently got kicked in the back by my horse and have a break in the lower back. and I have been having diarrhea for the past week because of the pain what does that mean?

  2. Evelia Reply:

    Pain in the lower stomach or abdomen is a common problem. diarrhea – fatigue – muscle aches and pains. The general term "liver disease" is actually When you have pain in the abdomen, it does not always mean that the liver is involved. Source:

  3. Dionna Reply:

    It sounds as if you may have a stomuch flu, which is completely unrelated to your period.

  4. Michelina Reply:

    Eating too much food or the lack there of are two reasons that will cause stomach pains. Also if you eat something that is spoiled it will also cause an upset stomach and or stomach pains. Source:

  5. Debera Reply:

    Don’t worry. We have viruses in our body. That’s what causes the serious pain Don’t worry. We have viruses in our body. That’s what causes the serious pain Source:

  6. Miyoko Reply:

    Diarrhea is characterized by the passing of several watery or loose stools within a short period of time. Children often suffer from diarrhea as the result of viral or bacterial infection. Diarrhea may also occur as the result of a parasiti… Source:

  7. Adrian Reply:

    My husband has diarrhea and stomach pains. The stomach pain feel like spasms. what do u think is wrong wit him? He’s been sick all morning. No vomiting, no headache, no fever,

  8. Tempie Reply:

    Pinched muscles or nerves could cause it as well as some of your other problems! When you have pinched nerves in the rib cage area they like to transfer the pain forward so while you are feeling the pain in front its really coming from the back! Here is how to release your back muscles which will release the pinched nerves and muscles both:Back::Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body! Place your right hand over your left shoulder and find the muscles next to your spine and press on them and hold! After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do! When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but remain there for another 30 seconds! Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side!

  9. Beryl Reply:

    What does it mean when you have diarrhea but no stomach pain? Answer It! What does it mean if you have pain in the middles of your stomach? because

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