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What does it mean when you poop water?

Diarrhea or watery stool can be a symptom of many different illness such as stomach flu, parasitic infection or food poisoning! It is also best to see a doctor if you suspect that you are ill! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Rafael Reply:

    I’m just going to eat a little sement and see if I still poop out water!!!!!√√√ππ𶩮€£

  2. Norene Reply:

    Stool should appear light brown and have little odor, and its appearance is an indicator Mucus from the intestines also might lighten the color of stool, although it usually will come off in water. What Does it Mean If You Have Bloody Stools? Source:

  3. Lindy Reply:

    Diarrhea: an intestinal disorder characterized by abnormal frequency and fluidity of fecal evacuations.

  4. Annalisa Reply:

    poop can cause bacteria Source:

  5. Lita Reply:

    there really is no answer for that, it could be just by complete accident. If the horse is in a stall it could be because he doesnt want to do it any other corner. Source:

  6. Stacie Reply:

    He/she might have diarrhoea. Source:

  7. Kathryn Reply:

    Sounds like you have the flu, and this to shall pass oops pardon the pun! Do u have a fever?? If not just eat lightly, like butter toast,and ginger ale is good for stomach upset! Feel better Happy N!Y!

  8. Willa Reply:

    What does on the water mean? it means that u are on it swiming. Why do i poop water? Passing water is a form of diarrhea. You might not have enough fiber in

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