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What does it mean when your throat is dry and it hurts?

Like colds, the vast majority of sore throats are caused by viral infections, such as a cold or flu! This means most sore throats will not respond to antibiotic! However, strep throat is the most common bacterial cause of sore throat! Strep can not be accurately diagnosed by looking at the throat alone! It requires a laboratory test! Please check with your doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Millie Reply:

    Wish there something to get rid of my sore throat

  2. Stasia Reply:

    Do you have pain or scratchiness in your throat? What Does It Mean to Have a Sore Throat? Dry air can cause the throat to become scratchy and sore. Source:

  3. Marylin Reply:

    What does it mean when your throat hurts when you swallow? ChaCha Answer: There are many causes of a sore throat such as smoking, dry

  4. Lynelle Reply:

    A dry, scratchy throat can develop with a chronic cough, cold or allergies. Signs of a dry throat include pain, and you may have difficulty swallowing foods and beverages. Quick ways to soothe a dry throat include natural at-home remedies a… Source:

  5. Marcia Reply:

    The throat can hurt because you have strained it, you could have strep or another illness. A sore throat in most cases can be treated at home. For treatment at home gargle once each hour with a teaspoon of salt mixed in with 8 ounces of war… Source:

  6. Dean Reply:

    You can drink water or other liquids to get rid of a dry throat. You may need to use a cough drop or breath mint or a piece of hard candy to suck on to provide continued relief. This will make your mouth create saliva. Source:

  7. Gwyn Reply:

    my throat is dry and hurts a little? the other day i went virus. a little stomach virus. i had a sore throat to the doctor, i got diagnosed for a, and my throat was kinda dry.

  8. Magaly Reply:

    there could be several reasons! you may have an infection or you may have tonsilitus! if it gets progressively worse i suggest you see a doctor!

  9. Shelli Reply:

    What does it mean that your throat hurts all the time and you are 12 years old? Improve What does it mean when your throat is dry all the time? You snore and

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