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What does it mean when your throat itches?

An itchy throat might mean you have an allergy or you might be getting a cold or the flu! The best bet is to see your doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Adrien Reply:

    What Does it Mean When Your Upper Lip Is Swollen? Swelling of the upper or lower lips, tongue or throat is usually due to an allergic reaction or an injury. accompanied by an increase in the size of the lip, redness, and burning or itching . Source:

  2. Delaine Reply:

    You might be having an allergic reaction to something you ate or a medication.If you get hives or have trouble breathing call 911

  3. Leena Reply:

    An itchy throat may be irritated by polluted air, food, or substances secreted by the body during inflammation or allergy. Source:

  4. Kenna Reply:

    An itchy throat is irritating sensation in the throat that provokes desire to cough. Sometimes drinking water helps stop it. Source:

  5. Clarisa Reply:

    Allergies is the main cause of an itchy throat. Your throat can also itch or be scratchy if you are coming down with a cold. Drinking hot tea with honey can help soothe an itchy throat. Source:

  6. Jimmie Reply:

    My throat itches really bad.? Around this time of the year my throat starts to itch really bad, I thank its allergies but I don’t know

  7. Diana Reply:

    How long has this been going on?? If its more than a few days, go see the doctor! If youre really having trouble breathing, then you should go to the Emergency Room right away, I would think!

  8. Bok Reply:

    Does ceftin treat strep throat? Answer it! Does amoxicillan treat strep throat? What does it mean if your right palm itches? It means you will soon shake hands

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