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What does it mean when you’re dizzy and light headed?

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  1. Triesha Reply:

    It happened to me too, I felt very light headed and dizzy and my eye vision went very blurry. And I fell over the table in my living room.

  2. Jalisa Reply:

    What Does it Mean When You are Light-Headed? by a feeling of weakness or lightness in the head, dizziness and feeling like you're going to faint. Source:

  3. Bell Reply:

    Jan 12, 2011 It is important to know exactly what you mean when you say. You may sometimes feel nauseated or vomit when you are lightheaded. Vertigo

  4. Tynisha Reply:

    This could be caused by many things. Stress, dehydration or low iron levels can cause dizziness/vertigo and light headedness. Source:

  5. Yasmin Reply:

    There are many problems that these symptoms could be a cause of. You could have an inner ear infection which would make you dizzy. Source:'re-dizzy%2C-light-headed%2C-and-most-of-your-body-aches

  6. Felipa Reply:

    Lightheaded and dizzy, although you may experience both sensations simultaneously, are two different things. Lightheadedness is feeling like you are about to pass out, while dizziness is the sensation of the room whirling around you. Althou… Source:

  7. Lelia Reply:

    It does sound like you are pregnant love, i am pregnant now ( around six weeks) although i didnt have the white discharge strangely enough, i have the brown discharge! you really have nothing to worry about unless the blood turns to bright red, that usually means misscarriage! And all of the pregnancy test turned negative for me to at the start! you should book into the docs and have ur HCG blood test done, they will be able to detect pregnancy through that!! good luck

  8. Rebecka Reply:

    Can you get dizzy light headed from a natural gas leak? Yes. What does it mean if you are Light headed have numb left arm? It may mean you have had a stroke

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