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What happens when you have AIDS?

When the virus is first detectable people complain of flu-like symptoms that disappear within a few weeks! Then the etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Minerva Reply:

    What Happens When HIV/AIDS Is Left Untreated?. According to the What Happens If You Avoid Treatment for AIDS? What Happens When You Have TB ? Source:

  2. Melva Reply:

    HIV (Virus that can lead to AIDS) destroys the immune system by destroying the cells our bodies use to fight infections. Once that cell count drops to 200 or below, diagnosis changes from HIV to AIDS. Once that cell count drops, the person

  3. Georgette Reply:

    By having plasma(blood) exchange from one person to another. Source:

  4. Yolanda Reply:

    For people with AIDS and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), getting proper treatment is critical to maintaining health and quality of life. While there is still no cure for AIDS, current treatments and antiretroviral drugs can reduce symptom… Source:

  5. Christine Reply:

    Aids is a disease that affects the body’s immune system. It allows other illnesses and diseases to move in and make a person ill. Some of those are what can eventually become fatal. Source:

  6. Jeri Reply:

    Where has Syphilis, the “King of STDs” gone now a days? Every body is speaking of…AIDS… AIDS and AIDS…only?! Syphilis was a ”phobic” Major “ever pervading” Sexually Transmitte

  7. Darlena Reply:

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  8. Bao Reply:

    What happens to your body when you're dying from AIDS? will be a cure so one has to try and keep their faith and believe that they still have hope to survive.

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