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What home remedies are there for the flu?

Take Vitamin C and zinc lozenges to boost immune system and increase the number of white blood cells! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Johnette Reply:

    How to Treat the Flu Using Home Remedies. The flu can strike at There are many symptoms of the flu and one of the worst, in my own experience, is vomiting . Source:

  2. Minerva Reply:

    Home Remedies For Flu. Influenza or most commonly know as "the flu" or "grippe " is cause by a virus that infects the upper respiratory tract. There are two types

  3. Colby Reply:

    The flu can strike at anytime and when it does, you get cold chills, then a fever, then the next thing you know your throat is sore, your nose is running–and not to mention sneezing your head off. There are many symptoms of the flu and one… Source:

  4. Kristyn Reply:

    The influenza virus is common, but can be fatal, and some strains cause more anxiety and damage than others. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 36,000 people die each year from flu-related complicatio… Source:

  5. Lisette Reply:

    Get As Much Rest as Possible Chances are you will not feel up to doing anything anyway, but bed (or couch) rest is essential in giving your body the strength it needs to recuperate. Activity will merely zap your physical energy and healing … Source:

  6. Brittney Reply:

    Does Anybody Know Of Some Home days now, feeling absolutely terrible and am flu. I have such a sore pretty sure I have the Remedies For The Flu? I’ve been in bed for two throa

  7. Emelina Reply:

    Get some sweet oil!!!!it comes in a little 2 fl oz bottle for like a dollar something at walmart!!!what I usually do is pour just a little bit into a spoon and heat it a little bit!!!not much though ( you dont want to burn your ear) and pour it into your ear! Let it sit in there for a little bit and then let it drain out!!!!!it will break up what ever is in there! If you dont want to do the sweet oil!!!try laying on a heat pack! That should also help break up what ever is stuck inside of your ear! I would opt for the sweet oil thought as it has worked many times for me in the past!

  8. Chae Reply:

    What are effective home remedies for cat flu? Are there home remedies for cats with worms? No. What home remedy can you give your cat for diarrhea?

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