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What if my throat hurts, my head hurts, and my stomach hurts, what do I have?

Your symptoms point to you possibly having a cold or the flu! You may also have strep throat, and you should consult with a Dr! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sylvia Reply:

    My throat hurts. If it's mouth is tender, the dog will eat slowly, even selectively by leaving Humans can get sore throats due to an isolated infection, but a dog's sore throat often has You usually head straight for the grocery store every time you get one right? Sore throats can often be attributed to excess stomach acid. Source:

  2. Cassondra Reply:

    If any of you are interested in discussing your post gall bladder woes I can see The pain is on my right side and it starts within minutes of when I start to eat. I too, have the symtoms you describe, with the throat, and it is mostly when I eat and I also slept propped up on pillows to keep the acid in my stomach at night.

  3. Mirtha Reply:

    Why your head hurts has alot to do with you. Have you hit it? Had an accident? Had surgery? Or, is it a common headache? These all have to be taken into consideration before answering. Source:

  4. Shandi Reply:

    You’re stomach could be hurting from numerous things. If you’ve eaten too much, that could pose a problem. Most people have digestive problems because they are mixing the wrong foods while eating which causes excessive gas. Source:

  5. Claris Reply:

    The throat can hurt because you have strained it, you could have strep or another illness. A sore throat in most cases can be treated at home. For treatment at home gargle once each hour with a teaspoon of salt mixed in with 8 ounces of war… Source:

  6. Lurline Reply:

    I do to deserve such misery?

  7. Myong Reply:

    It does sound like you have some sort of virus or infection, but your symptoms could mean just about anything, honestly!Happily, there are doctors called Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists! You should try and find one!

  8. Luvenia Reply:

    your head hurts and my lower back when i lay on my back or on my stomach. Do a pregnancy test or go to your doctor and have a blood test taken as that will What is it when your stomach is hard and you feel like you are about to throw up? my saliva feels warms, or I feel the throw up come up my throat and then go

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