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What is good for you when your sick?

When you are suffering from the flu, take a warm show, drink plenty of liquids warm and cold, and use moist heat on sore areas! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Torrie Reply:

    How to Look Good When You're Sick. Life doesn't always accommodate you when you're sick and need time to recoup. Even if you do manage the time to care Source:

  2. Jenee Reply:

    It’s hard to get good nutrition when you’re sick with a serious illness such as cancer, arthritis, or depression. These tips can help you eat right despite illness.

  3. Jacque Reply:

    Generally, most people go to great lengths to avoid being sick. Most illnesses are spread by contact with infected people. Play with some snotty-nosed kids for awhile, you’ll be sick in no time. Source:

  4. Kimberlee Reply:

    You don’t know what you’re sick with? Well, I’m sorry but I don’t either. I would suggest that you make an appointment with your doctor. Oh, you have the health care issue, too? Then try your local Health Department. Good Luck! Source:

  5. Paige Reply:

    Eating crackers will help with morning sickness. Try drinking a Sprite that has gone flat. Ice water is a big help when you feel the urge to let go, too. Source:

  6. Sydney Reply:

    Good over the counter appetite suppresant sick like Hydroxycut,made me sick.? Anyone tried with great success that will not make you a good over the counter appetite suppresan

  7. Coralie Reply:

    I would stick with bland foods for now until you can hold something down! Chicken broth, noodles in broth, baked potatoe(plain), crackers, and even lunch meat and crackers are good to stick with for now! Make sure you drink plenty of fluids- stay away from acidic juices and dairy items for now- they could cause further upset to your tummy! Seven up, gingerale, gaterade and water are best for now! Stick with clear fluids! Get well!

  8. Loise Reply:

    They used to give sick patients Coke syrup, but they had coughs, and colds. When you are sick, you should try and stay away from sweets, water is the best to

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