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What is the best cure for the flu?

You can’t cure the flu, but you can treat it by taking in nutrients, resting, and drinking a lot of fluids! OTC medicines may help Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Alberta Reply:

    The Best Cure for Stomach Flu. Part of the series: Medical & Health Questions. The stomach flu can be caused by viral infection or bacteria, and the best Source:

  2. Roseanne Reply:

    You can’t cure the flu, but you can treat it by taking in nutrients, resting, and drinking a lot of fluids. OTC medicines may help

  3. Tynisha Reply:

    When a cat has a viral infection in her upper-respiratory tract, people often refer to the illness as feline flu. While cats don’t get the same flu viruses that people do, the symptoms exhibited by the cat are similar to those people have w… Source:

  4. Michelina Reply:

    There is no cure for the stomach flu, other than simply time. It is an intestinal virus, formally known as Viral Gastroenteritis. Like all viruses, the stomach flu doesn’t respond to antibiotics as bacterial infections do. Generally, the st… Source:

  5. Petronila Reply:

    To date, there is no cure for the flu. Let’s face it, getting the flu sucks. The only things that will help you get better would be eating chicken soup, drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest. Source:

  6. Bao Reply:

    Honestly, time! Pretty much everything else just manages the symptoms! Resting and staying hydrated is the best way to treat it! There are anti-influenza drugs, but they arent that effective once symptoms start!Also make sure your friend does not pour hydrogen peroxide in her ears! Aside from potentially damaging the ear, theres no way that would ever work!

  7. Carole Reply:

    (See also the related questions below about which type of vaccine is best for different groups of people.) Other flu treatments in experimental trials: One of the

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