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What is the best way to combat the flu?

The best way to combat the flu is to drink plenty of orange juice- vitamin C, get enough rest, wash hands through out the day! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Milissa Reply:

    The Type A Flu Virus is the most dangerous of the flu strains. It is important to prevent and treat it as How to Fight a Flu. The best way to fight the flu is to see a Source:

  2. Harriet Reply:

    4 Ways to Avoid Catching — and Spreading — the Flu Virus. 1. Achoo! Cover Your Mouth and Nose to Stop the Flu It starts with a tickle, a prickle, an itch: Achoo!

  3. Kala Reply:

    Drink plenty of water. If you’re dehydrated, it can cause a lot of problems, including allowing germs to stay in your body and not be flushed out. Also good drinks are herbal decaffeinated teas and 100% real fruit juice, such as orange, gra… Source:

  4. Lavette Reply:

    Pioneers knew the benefits of drinking ginger tea, an herbal concoction that has been around for more than 5000 years. Today, many people are returning to their roots in attempt to find ways to stay healthy without the use of manufactured d… Source:

  5. Lisha Reply:

    The swine flu, a variant of the H1H1 virus, is highly contagious and easily spread from human to human. The virus was initially called swine flu because in early tests it appeared to have DNA similar to strains commonly found in North Ameri… Source:

  6. Shawna Reply:

    With the swine flu emerging, any natural ways to combat the flu bugs?

  7. Angle Reply:

    Denmark is one of the countries that only offers H1N1 Vaccinations to a limited group of people! Its not because there is not enough vaccine to treat more, but its a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of the vaccine! H1N1 has been found to be less severe than an ordinary Danish winter flu and has been categorized in strength as a mild summer flu, the only difference being that H1N1 is much more contagious than a regular flu!People who get H1N1 are being told to stay at home, get plenty or rest, drink plenty of fluids and wait it out and only contact the doctor if the H1N1 does not go away after a few days or if the symptoms become more severe than that of a regular flu!Regarding flu vaccinations in general! Again its a matter of weighing up the pros and cons! I do believe its better to let your immune system deal with the flu by itself, but the sick and the elderly often are not strong enough to fight off a flu, in which case a vaccination can be necessary – and still its no guarantee, as the vaccination is based on the flu strain the doctors find most likely to hit, but sometimes another flu strain takes the center stage or sometimes the flu strain mutates!As an adult, I rarely get the flu! Ive had it maybe 2-3 times in the last 20 years and my symptoms have been pretty mild! Same thing happened when I had it beginning of last year! 3-4 days of feeling under the weather and then it was over – only now I have Multiple Sclerosis! The problem with getting a regular flu when you have MS is that it can leave you utterly exhausted and fatigued for months afterwards, and I had 3 months of a zombie like exsistance, where just staying awake during the day was a huge effort, so autumn 2008 I got my first flu shot!PS! Could you post a link to the documentation that links Thimerasol to MS, because to my knowledge nothing like that has been scientifically proven!

  8. Jackeline Reply:

    The number one best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot every year. 2. Keep your mucous membranes (nostrils, mouth, eyes) moist with proper hydration. 3.

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