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What is the stomach flu and is it contagious?

The stomach flu is a stomach infection caused by bacteria entering the system! It is not contagious! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Janie Reply:

    How Long Is Stomach Flu Contagious?. The contagious period for stomach flu varies depending on the virus that is causing your symptoms.Stomach flu is not Source:

  2. Leanne Reply:

    Yes the stomach flu is contagious. Symptoms of gastroenteritis or stomach flu include abdominal cramps, stomach pain, nausea..more

  3. Freda Reply:

    People with the stomach flu may be contagious from the instance they get ill to up to 2 weeks after they have recovered. In most cases, a recovering person is contagious for 3 days after recovering. For more information see here: http://www… Source:

  4. Ayanna Reply:

    If you’ve come down with a bug, you may wonder how long someone with the stomach flu is contagious. First, you need to look at which type of virus you have. Most adults have norovirus. You will begin to get sick within 2-3 days of exposure…. Source:

  5. Tona Reply:

    Depending on the type of virus that is causing the illness, you could be contagious even before you show symptoms until up to a week after symptoms have subsided. It is best in most cases to avoid sending children back to school or daycare … Source:

  6. Lillia Reply:

    Am I still contagious? (stomach flu)? I got stomach flu yesterday coming out of me. Today I feel a little. All kinds of fun stuff better, and stopped barfing at least, but I s

  7. Cristen Reply:

    most people use stomach flu as a euphemism for food poisoning! If its food poisoning then its not contagious!if it really is the flu then yes, the flu is contagious! it usually takes about 2 weeks for it show up once youve been exposed to it! (so if you get sick right away, you were exposed to it about 2 weeks ago) your chances of getting it are greater if she sneezed or coughed on you or if you shared eating or drinking utensils or if she coughed or sneezed in her hands and then touched you or handled something that you then later handled (faucets, door handles, telephone, pen, pencil, etc)you prevent the flu by getting a flu shot but the flu shot is no good if youve been exposed to the flu already or if the flu virus you were exposed to was a different flu virus than the one you were vaccinated with!Wash your hands w/ plain soap and hot water (not scalding, about the temp youd use in your bath or shower) on a regular basis (after using the bathroom, after handling things in public—like, shopping carts, shopping baskets, faucets in the bathroom), after handling things sick people handled! Wash your hands before preparing food and before eating!you dont need antibacterial soap—regular soap is fine! (antibiotics dont kill viruses and you dont need to contribute to the problem of drug resistant bacteria by using antibacterial products when they arent really needed!)there is nothing you can eat to prevent the flu! Its mostly staying clean and not breathing in or ingesting the virus! Once youve been exposed to the virus, there is nothing you can do to prevent getting the illness! it just has to run its course!

  8. Goldie Reply:

    Contagious food service providers (cafeteria or restaurant workers) are often responsible for outbreaks of the stomach flu. The viruses that cause gastroenteritis

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