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What is the virus that is going around?

There is flu virus going around! It has been referred to as the swine flu or the H1N1 virus! Washing hands is a good defense! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Angelo Reply:

    Anti-virus programs need to be constantly configured with the most recent patches in new viruses that are going around infecting computers on the Internet daily. Source:

  2. Clyde Reply:

    rhino virus

  3. Barrie Reply:

    Answer go to click on Security response tab and you will get a list of the latest threats Source:

  4. Anette Reply:

    The world or the earth is rotating around because of leftover momentum from the explosion when all the planets formed billions of years ago. Source:

  5. Marry Reply:

    Stomach flu, Flu, Common cold, and such things.=) Source:

  6. Gene Reply:

    are boot sector virus, executable file virus, macro virus, VB script virus and trojan horse vulnerabilities of are boot sector virus, executable file virus, macro virus, VB sc

  7. Corrina Reply:

    My daughter and grandson have it – and it looks like Grandad and I are coming down with it after spending time with them yesterday! I suspect its something to do with the weather to be honest

  8. Cheryll Reply:

    Is there a new strain of virus going around if you have had a cold for four weeks with mostly sinus congestion and no end in sight? Improve. In: Cold and Flu

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