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What symptoms does the swine flu have?

Asudden fever (over 100!4), some have an upset stomach, a sudden cough, headache, tiredness, chills, aching muscles, limb or joint pain, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, loss of appetite! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Janae Reply:

    There are some indicators you can look for to ensure that you recognize Swine Flu symptoms that require emergency care in your baby or young child before it is Source:

  2. Apryl Reply:

    Cough, runny nose or stuffy nose, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue or tiredness, and diarrhea and vomiting.

  3. Phebe Reply:

    The swine flu (also referred to as novel H1N1 virus) is a "new influenza virus causing illness in people," states the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. First diagnosed in humans in the U.S. in April 2009, the World Health Or… Source:

  4. Sybil Reply:

    The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than 70 countries have cases of H1N1 influenza A. In the United States, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have reported H1N1 infections, a… Source:

  5. Josefa Reply:

    Swine Flu symptoms are the same as other flu symptoms, which consist of cough, fever, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills and general tiredness. Source:

  6. Laurine Reply:

    Will standard over-the-counter meds that are used to symptoms of the Swine Flu treat Flu symptoms help the? Don’t worry, I don’t have the Swine Flu. But I do have a bih medic

  7. Carylon Reply:

    There are no particular symptoms that distinguish swine flu from other types of flu! Symtoms like diarrhea and vomiting are also associated with swine flu! Those symptoms can also be caused by many other conditions, and that means that you and your doctor cant know, just based on your symptoms!There is a similarity between the swine flu epidemic centered in Mexico City and the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918-19! Infants and elderly were spared! It was the young adults with robust immune systems that were the prime victims and the disease took them literally by storm! What happens with young and healthy patients is that their immune systems react so strongly that they can triggers something known as a cytokine storm!In response to every infection, the body has a number of ways to fight back against the invading enemy! Cytokines are part of this defense! The name cytokine storm basically describes an over-reaction of a healthy immune system that has over-reacted and is damaging the body, causing failure of multiple organ systems! It can be triggered by many things, including viruses, although its not common for human influenza A virus strains to cause it! The same thing occurs with new swine flu virus and the body has no defenses built up! When infected the bodys own defensive systems are triggered to a powerful extent and cause havoc to the immune system! It’s something like dropping an H-bomb on a suspected burglar in your back yard! The result is to kill, or needlessly harm, the patientIn children the immune responses are still developing, while the elderly immune function tends to be weaker due to the aging process! Both groups have weak immune system that is why they are vulnerable to complications from the regular flu and tend to get pneumonia and other opportunistic infections after being weakened further by the regular flu! Fortunately, they dont have systems that react strongly to the flu itself that can generate the cytokine storm! However, the healthy approximately 15 to 60 year old individual the most likely to actually succumb to the swine flu!A cytokine storm can overcome the nervous system and cause breathing and internal organs problems, which is why hospitals put critical flu patients on assisted machines! What really frightens experts in the pandemic field is the fact that most hospitals only have a few of these facilities and they are often in use for surgical or other critical patients! There is simply no way to provide interim support for tens of thousands of pandemic flu victims, even in advanced countries with a strong hospital system! The equipment just doesnt exist to put them all on breathing machines until their bodies are able to recover naturally!

  8. Arie Reply:

    Having a single one of these symptoms does not mean you have the new flu, If you think you have the swine flu and have high fever, chest pain, are short of

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