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When is flu season over?

Flu season ends in late March! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kelsi Reply:

    How to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season. While there's no cure for the common cold or the flu, you can takemeasures to protect (b) Adults over the age of 65. Source:

  2. Ada Reply:

    Jul 6, 2011 Flu seasons are unpredictable and can be severe. Over a period of 30 years, between 1976 and 2006, estimates of flu-associated deaths in the

  3. Johnsie Reply:

    The flu season in the United States begins about October and peaks in November. It stays at it’s peak until spring, usually in April.. It is always around, but is spread more easily when people come inside for the colder weather. Source:

  4. Trinidad Reply:

    Getting over the flu can be a lengthy period. You need to take plenty of rest and drink lots of fluid in order for your body to start recuperating. This can take a while and you need to be able to rest in order for you immune system to get … Source:

  5. Ebonie Reply:

    Traditionally, flu season starts in late fall and continues on through early winter. However, this season varies widely by geographic location. Source:

  6. Teresa Reply:

    What’s the likelihood that swine flu will become like the spanish flu season? If that does happen then flu wen it finally becomes how does one protect themselves when people a

  7. Brooke Reply:

    About 2 weeks after the last reported case!I think flu season typically ends in February – March!

  8. Coralie Reply:

    Ohio is included in this flu season of October to April, so since it is currently mid March 2011, the flu season will be over in Ohio in a few weeks. However, just

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