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When your sick does a humidifier help you?

When sick, humidifiers help relieve congestion from the common cold, flu and sinus infections! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maggie Reply:

    Decongestant; Wet cloth; Humidifier; Straw; Candy; Gum or towel placed against your clogged ear can help thin mucus and stop congestion when you're sick. Source:

  2. Celesta Reply:

    Humidifiers are helpful (as long as they are clean) because they put moisture into the air, easing the discomfort of congestion.

  3. Harriette Reply:

    When the air outside the house is cold, it can only hold a small amount of moisture. As that air is heated by a furnace, its relative humidity drops; the air is only holding as much moisture as it did when it was cold, but is now capable of… Source:

  4. Jacquelin Reply:

    Eating crackers will help with morning sickness. Try drinking a Sprite that has gone flat. Ice water is a big help when you feel the urge to let go, too. Source:

  5. Ardath Reply:

    Don’t forget to change the water daily. Don’t just add to the water, completely empty and dry out the tank. This insures that nothing will grow on the sides or breed bacteria. Make sure that the water is distilled or demineralized. Tap wate… Source:

  6. Kandace Reply:

    Is anyone familiar with humidifier fever? I think it’s the brand new humidifier making!? I turned on a brand a 30 month old sick new ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. It was u

  7. Glayds Reply:

    I think dealing with a sick baby is one of the hardest things to do! You know they dont feel good and you know they arent happy, but there is so little you can do! My little girl is 9 months and has bronchitis right now!! basically the same thing as your little girl, and it has been awful! When she cough !! bless her heart !! you can tell it hurts because she just cries after each little attack! We have been giving her breathing treatment and giving her Motrin, and thats pretty much all we can do! So right now I just hold her and try to sooth her! Basiclly just let her know that mommy knows she is sick and that mommy cares! Good luck I hope your little one gets well soon!

  8. Lashay Reply:

    You continuously have bacteria and germs all over and in you at all times. Some however do make you sick. So yes, you do have bacteria in your body when

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