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Why am i having symptoms of fatigue?

There is a virus going around! It’s a mixture of strep throat and the flu! It starts by making you feel fatigued! You need Vit C! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Carina Reply:

    People who experience adrenal fatigue symptoms should see a doctor for a to 1 a.m. Because of these strange hours, many adrenal fatigue sufferers prefer to Source:

  2. Dann Reply:

    i also get adrenal fatigue symptoms after my period. aniety, panic, mood swings. feeling I was wondering why I am having brain fog problems when I do have

  3. Karin Reply:

    Fatigue is a common symptom of mental health problems. Source:

  4. Eleonor Reply:

    You may have food poisoning which can cause stomach pain and nausea as well as fatigue. Got Questions? Source:'m-not-pregnant

  5. Devon Reply:

    you just woke up!!! Source:

  6. Joyce Reply:

    what symptoms does acid reflux cause. also what symptoms of chronic fatigue cause.?

  7. Pattie Reply:

    I started feeling all my pregnancy symptoms at 3 weeks and 6 days! Some women get them even earlier!

  8. Cristen Reply:

    What is strange though is the fact that I am having this diarrhea 4dpo which is still far from implantation. If I turn out pregnant, it means the symptoms sometimes

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