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Why do i feel like i need to cough when i breathe out?

The feeling of needing to cough can be caused by many things including the common cold, flu or allergies! again soon! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ouida Reply:

    Physical activities like walking or climbing stairs can cause a person to experience In certain cases, a person may even feel as if she is going to black out. Talking can make breathing worse as the person feels as if she cannot get enough air. Some individuals also report having a dry cough or feeling nauseous if they Source:

  2. Jene Reply:

    Every time I take a deep breathe or even just a slightly larger than normal breathe I cough and it is like a dry cough This has I am thinking Bronchitus but my boyfriend says I do not have it. This just came out of nowhere. by our body trying to get rid of the respiratory problem that could have occurred.

  3. Merle Reply:

    Supply your body with the oxygen it needs to burn calories and stored fat to lose weight. Breathing is essential to human life and the body’s process of converting calories into energy. Unconverted calories are stored as fat and may increas… Source:

  4. Margurite Reply:

    Lie down before you perform any breathing exercise so you can focus more on your visualization. Concentrate first on your breathing; become aware of the rhythm of it, but don’t try to change its pace. Visualize your lungs. As you breathe in… Source:

  5. Hermila Reply:

    Take precautions to make certain you’re always adequately dressed before you step outside in the cold. Buy a scarf to keep your neck warm! Sometimes the coldness of deep winter air is so extreme that the shock will cause you to gasp. This s… Source:

  6. Clarine Reply:

    Every time I breathe in semi I feel like I need deep, I feel the strong urge throat a couple days ago to cough? I had a very sore now every time I inhale to cough and sometime

  7. Rea Reply:

    It may be asthma, you should talk to your doctor! But there are many other factors for what can cause it! For exapmle, Do you live in a highly polluted area?? Is it extrememly hot out?? stuff like that!I live in Atlanta which is polluted and extremely hot, lol lucky me, and I sometimes have trouble breathing also!

  8. Sherrill Reply:

    Asthma can manifest itself as wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, or all of If you need the bronchodilator inhaler more than twice a week, or your to avoid especially when eating out in restaurants) I get the shortness of breath. It's like you can't inhale 100%, you feel like only about 85% of your lungs are functioning.

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