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Why do I feel so crappy on Valentines Day?

Forty percent of people have negative feelings towards Valentine’s Day! I guess you’re one of them! Or you may have the flu! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jeanetta Reply:

    Do not let the significance of this moment be lost in a mad rush to put the pieces back together. Don't feel bad for feeling bad about being alone on Valentine's Day. Sure it's Valentine's Day is so overblown with expectation that it is rare for Source:

  2. Harriette Reply:

    These Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad lyrics are performed by Moby Get the music video and song lyrics here. Why does my. 2012 Valentines Day Lyrics

  3. Jocelyn Reply:

    1 Remember ahead of time the day of Valentine’s Day by purchasing cards for loved ones you want to remember . 2 Gather all the names, and addresses of those you want to send cards to . 3 Purchase stamps ahead of time and mail the cards a we… Source:'s-Day

  4. Lavonda Reply:

    If you know someone pretty well who is a widow, like a grandparent or even parent, serve them breakfast in bed . The special attention of a nice big breakfast delivered right to your bedside is enough to make anyone feel special. Find out t… Source:

  5. Louvenia Reply:

    Cook him breakfast. Surprise your man by cooking his favorite breakfast dish and serving it to him in bed. Wait, you may be thinking Valentine’s Day is supposed to be my day. Believe me he’s thinking the same thing, but you have done someth… Source:

  6. Rudy Reply:

    If Valentines Day is a day to show appreciation to you feel obligated….? to give everyone a present Lover then why do people. I can see getting a little something for your

  7. Shantay Reply:

    you know your parents best, so if its better to ease them in, then do that, if its better to jump in, then do that! but do it soon, of you will leade a miserable life! i personally left my parents a note before school one day on the kicthen table, so they had time to think about it before i confronted them! that worked perfectly! hope you have no troubbles, and that you meet a hot nice guy :)

  8. Ashli Reply:

    You may get a, "That is so sweet. I would love it if my husband sang to me on Valentine's Day. She will be embarrassed and you will never get her. if he put that much thought into it and wanted to do something special for me that bad,

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