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Why do your joints hurt when you have the flu?

That is because suddenly ,your body immune system is weak from you sneezing and coughing and so on!Therefore the whole( etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Johnsie Reply:

    During the flu season, muscles pain is usually a sign that you have been infected. Instead of Why Do My Joints Ache When the Weather Changes? "There's a Source:

  2. Stephen Reply:

    Apr 9, 2009 They can be the only symptom or may be a part if many symptoms you are experiencing. Many individuals experience joint aches when they have the flu, When you are ill joints tend to ache because your immune system is

  3. Marvis Reply:

    How It Works If you open a joint account with another person, you should consider both the advantages and the risks before you sign your name to the account. It’s wise to remember that while it may be convenient, a joint credit card account… Source:

  4. Cami Reply:

    It is a common practice for married couples to open a joint credit card account. Parents also open joint accounts to help children establish credit. There’s always some risk to your own credit when you have a joint credit card account becau… Source:

  5. Georgeanna Reply:

    Joints can ache or hurt in response to injury, exercise, age and illness. They can also hurt from arthritic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Source:

  6. Annalee Reply:

    Bad Flu can it cause pains into the knees what would in the joints after getting into it my feet hurt the flu a few days know the pain ? now the pain has gone this be a sympto

  7. Torie Reply:

    I cant answer why it happens but I can tell you that I feel that way too!!!except mine doesnt go quite so far as the fingers and toes! I hope you feel better! Take lots of Nyquil!!!it works best for me!

  8. Francine Reply:

    Your bones and joints hurt why? It may be nothing to do with pregnancy, it may just be that you have been overworking, or you may have the flu. However if it is

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