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Why does my skin and hair hurt when I have the flu?

Generalized aches are simply a symptom of the flue! The disease it produces is different from just a cold! More than just a little sore throat, runny nose, and cough, flu usually produces a fever (temperature over 100 degrees, taken by mouth), body aches, and headache, along with a scratchy throat, cough, and stuffy or runny nose! It’s not subtle! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Malisa Reply:

    Red and irritated skin on the nose isn't an allergic reaction: It's simply your body's natural reaction to the constant friction of. Don't rub the towel across your nose, as this will just add to the irritation. How to Get Rid of the Red on My Nose & Cheeks. If you have severe, noticeable or long-lasting redness on your nose and Source:

  2. Bernie Reply:

    I do not have it all the time maybe 3 or 4 times a month and it is very painful to the touch and by the touch of clothing to my skin.I have no The best wasy for me to discribe the pain would be like when you have the flu and your skin hurts to touch . It hurts . Your Guide to Skin, Hair and Nails. Skin, Hair and

  3. Ashlyn Reply:

    Not Medical Advice. You may have a Decubitus Ulcer and/or an infected Pilonidal Cyst causing inflammation and itching. See a Doc. Source:

  4. Veronique Reply:

    The skin has several layers. There are nerve endings just under the epidermis. With hair and nails you only deal with the thick, hard, epidermal layer and no nervous tissue at all. Source:

  5. Kina Reply:

    Burning’s not advised. You run a great risk of hurting your skin. If you would like to remove hair, try laser removal, creams, etc Source:

  6. Georgene Reply:

    Why does my skin hurt when I get the flu? Whenever I have the flu, like when my blanket or, my skin feels very sore clothes rub on it. Also, I get extremely achy to the point

  7. Krystyna Reply:

    First off, please learn to type correctly! It helps people better understand what you are saying! And if youve been having symptoms like this even for a week, you should have gone to the doctor to get this problem diagnosed! There could be a number of things wrong, but the only one authorized to tell you so is the doctor! Id make an appointment asap!

  8. Makeda Reply:

    We do have more colds in winter than in summer, but not because of the cold ( see more is lower in winter due to less exposure of our skin to sunlight, and since Vitamin D See the related question below, "Why does the flu have a season? Why does the flu have a season · Is it true that going outside with wet hair when

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