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Why does the flu make you so sick?

For most people, the flu is a drag, but it goes away in a week or two! But for some people, the flu can make them very sick! MORE?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Micah Reply:

    Why Does Being Sick Make You So Tired?. Being sick naturally makes you want to sleep more, but once you understand the reasons for your fatigue, you may Source:

  2. Yanira Reply:

    I’m glad to hear a nurse admitting that the flu shot does actually make you sick. I’ ve had so many Doctors tell me otherwise when I consistently

  3. Hiroko Reply:

    Wash your hands. Well germs easily can spread from one person to another. Germs are spread through the air, along through people. If you use something like a public phone, or exchange things from one person to yourself, then wash your hands… Source:

  4. Alisa Reply:

    Plenty of rest. Sleep eight hours the night of the flu shot or more. If there is pain, take a Tylenol and sooth the ache with an ice compress. No more than 10-20 minutes at the area of soreness. Eat a healthy meal and take some vitamins to … Source:

  5. Assunta Reply:

    BE SMART. If your running a very high temperature of 104 or higher, you should just suck it up and call in sick. A very high temperature normally means your VERY ill, and that you also might be contagious – which isn’t good for anyone. The … Source:

  6. Bertie Reply:

    My sister says she can’t taste her food and tastes metal in her mouth. Is it the flu shot?

  7. Emely Reply:

    The viruses are not always deadin some shots the viruses are just weakened!

  8. Anastasia Reply:

    If the question were, "Does cold weather cause you to get a cold or the flu? infections, so the answer to this particular question is: yes, it can make you sick.

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