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Why does your body ache when you have the flu?

The immune system mounts a two-fold response to the virus! The humoral response (antibody- mediated) produces!!Text for!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mertie Reply:

    One of the first symptoms associated with the flu are muscle aches that are caused by a As the infection gains momentum in your body, you lose hydration. During the flu season, muscles pain is usually a sign that you have been infected. Source:

  2. Torie Reply:

    It is being zapped of nutrients because they are being used rapidly to fight the infection..

  3. Sharen Reply:

    One word. Ibuprofen. Although it wont complete rid you of the flu, it keeps aches and pains at bay for upto 4 hours. Uh, Ibuprofen is really hard on the stomach, so take pink Pepto or OTC Zantac if you choose that route. Aches are caused by… Source:

  4. Raguel Reply:

    Body aches are often caused by injury or illness. If you are in a car accident your body can be jarred around. The next day you will be sore all over. The flu can cause aches because your body isn’t staying hydrated enough and the bacteria … Source:

  5. Charis Reply:

    Fill the bath tub with warm water and add 1cup epsom salts and 1cup baking soda. Let the mixture dissolve in the bath water. Make sure that you fill the tub enough to soak your body. Soak in the bathtub for 15-20 minutes. The epsom salts wi… Source:

  6. Xochitl Reply:

    I had a head trauma in left ear is ringing,my nose is runny, everytime i blow my nose 1994,now i have constant head achesmy,i get this stabbing pain in my ear,i have a wicked

  7. Gaye Reply:

    It isnt influenza itself that makes your body ache; its what your body does to fight the flu that makes you hurt!Put as simply as I can (Im not a virologist), your body has cells that specifically attack the virus-infected cells; they destroy and eat these infected cells! Inflammation results as a sort of byproduct of this action! And inflammation, of course, hurts!This is a good but highly-technical link that I found some time ago about this http://www!madsci!org/posts/archives/2001-07/994526623!Im!r!html!I always explain it this way to my students: The influenza virus must enter your bodys cells to replicate itself! When the cell is full, the virus bursts out (killing the cell) and keeps spreading to other cells! This hurts! What stops it is that your body begins producing antibodies to the virus, which latch onto existing cells to keep the flu virus out!

  8. Dion Reply:

    If you have the flu and you'd like to beat the muscle ache, chow on some high When you're muscles ache, your body is repairing these tears and making your

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