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Is Smoking Paper Harmful

You may have such questions as Are Beauty Contests Harmful and What Are The Harmful Effects Of Smoking,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is Smoking Harmful. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to White Paper Smoking,too. Read more as following:

Smoking paper is harmful, simply because whenever you smoke anything you cause pollutants and cancerous materials to be released into the air and in your body.

Are beauty contest harmful?

Yes, becuase the people that are judging will never pick someone unnattractive, no matter how smart, talented etc. they are. They will always choose the "prettiest" and "skinniest" to win, and this makes people think they have to use loads of make-up... More »

What are the harmful effects of smoking?

It is almost surprising to find out how many people still smoke with all of warnings out today. Half of all smokers will die from their habit, most of them will be in middle age. Smoking can lead to cancer, blood clots, heat attacks, strokes, and emp... More »

Why is Smoking Harmful?

Smoking is harmful because of the damage that it does to your body. Smoking damages your lungs, can cause cancer, and takes years off of your life.... More »

Why is smoking harmful to the lungs?

Alveoli are tiny air sacs in the lungs that help the body absorb oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Tar in cigarettes plugs the bronchial tube near the air sacs. Moisture in the lungs makes tar cling to the tubes, and when the lungs can't get rid... More »

Why is smoking harmful to the body?

Cigarette smoke contains more than 60 chemicals that can cause cancer. Smoking causes almost 90 percent of deaths from lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. It is associated with more than a dozen other cancers, including bladder, st... More »

Why is smoking harmful for asthma?

The airways that lead to your lungs are known as bronchial tubes. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the airways of a person with asthma are naturally inflamed. The smoke emitted from tobacco irritates the already inflamed bronchi... More »


  1. Kendall Reply:

    I just recently found out that swisher sweet’s blunt casing is made out of tobacco. I really don’t like the thought of smoking tobacco. So I was wondering if it’s really bad to smoke weed from blunt wraps because they contain tobacco? Is it better to use joint papers instead?

  2. Tim Reply:

    I know both of them are bad for you and it is better to quit than smoke. I have been told that there are less chemicals in Rollies that taylor mades, Is this true?

  3. Brian Dejesus Reply:

    Why smoking cigarettes is so addictive and dangerous?
    It is very old question and every one knows that cigarettes are harmful to health. But what really makes a single cigarettes so harmful and addictive? Full description may be valued. Thanks.

  4. Nancy Reply:

    the first paragraph will be “Smoking is harmful”
    the second paragraph will be “School canteens have three disavantages
    the third paragrpah will be “I always run into some problems when i try to study at home”

    * I must list out the points and reasons

    Hope everyone could help, thanks.

  5. Arup Reply:

    Please don’t just tell me that they’re both bad, because I know, and I do not smoke either, but I keep hearing that marijuana has a better chance of giving you a healthy baby than tobacco does.
    I was wondering why this is.

  6. Twiggjosh Reply:

    see i just made my project and i wanted to decorate my project with burned paper and i noticed that my brain just suddenly hurts what was that?! also what happens when your brain dries?

  7. Slorrel Reply:

    As a child my grandad smoked in the house when i visit my uncle he does the same i try to leave out the room but the smokes everywhere. Sometimes when i breathe in i smell cigarette smoke , though no one here smokes. In our house im 16 btw.

  8. Brendie Reply:

    I’m switching to e-smoking soon and my wife is refusing to let me smoke this supposedly harmless material in the house or around my child. She is convinced there is no such thing as harmless smoking.

  9. Smilegirl Reply:

    I’m only 15 and I wanna do smoke tricks not really get high. So I don’t have or want weed I just want smoke. And I can’t buy a hookah or a cigar.

  10. Angel Reply:

    I smoke paper and inhale it.I smoke about 3 a day and i’m athlete will this kill or hurt me in anyway?

  11. Lindsey Reply:

    You know the white paper you wrap around it? Is it bad for you to just smoke that?:) and can it cause cancer?

  12. 3taya Reply:

    I dont really wanna use computer paper or anything, and i really wanna try ‘smoking paper’ that was actually made to roll joints with! But i just dont know where to find them! Also, is there an age restriction?

  13. Artificialdragon Reply:

    Do Rizla Liquorice smoking papers contain any harmful additives?
    Someone told me me that the transparent lines on the the inside (white part) of the paper is actually paraffin..

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