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Why does Water Help Plants Grow

You may have such questions as Why Sugar Water Make Plant Grow Faster and How Does Water Affect the Way Plants Grow,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Water Help Plants Grow. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Things Plants Need to Grow,too. Read more as following:

Have you ever wondered why water makes plants grow? Well, think about yourself. Doesn’t water help you to grow if you are a child? Well, it works the same way for plants.

Why sugar water make plant grow faster

Sugar water does not make plants grow faster. In fact, watering a plant with sugar water will usually harm it because it makes soil water less available to the plant. In technical terms, it lowers the water potential of the soil water by lowering the osmotic potential. Water flows from higher to lower water potential. The water potential in the plant must be...... More »

How does sugar water affect the way a plant grows?

A plant's roots absorb water and use that water to transport nutrients to the rest of the plant. Some of these nutrients are transformed into sugar which fuels the plant's growth. The sugar produced within plants is known as fructose. Table sugar is... More »

How does Water Help Plants Grow?

Plants like humans are made up of cells and all cells need water in order to survive. The water that soaks into a plant enters the cells to maintain them but it will also bring nutrients and minerals into the plant as it is drawn up through the roots... More »

What is in water that helps plants grow?

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert energy from the sun into nutrients for survival. Plants use the energy from the sun to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water. The splitting of the water molecules is called photolysis... More »

How does Soil Help Plants Grow

Most plants need soil in order for them to get the minerals, nutrients, and water that they need in order for the plant to thrive. By adding fertilizers and organic matter to the soil, these components will break down in order to provide food that th... More »

What in Water Makes Plants Grow?

It is not what is in the water, but the water itself that makes plants grow. Plants need water just as we do to survive. Water is like nourishment to the plant, with whatever amount of sunlight is required as well.... More »


  1. Bonez1026 Reply:

    What makes plants grow in water better then they grow in acids and bases. If you could answer my question and then tell me what website you got the information from, if there was one. This is for a science project, gotta site the source! Thank you!!

  2. Lyllien Reply:

    I have a fish tank with some plants and was wondering if the plants will grow, specifically, do plants need UV rays or just any light (photons) will do?

  3. Valerie Reply:

    Can plants grow better with coke, red cordial or water?

  4. Mirandaallison77 Reply:

    The plant looked great. Doing fine this summer was hot its had plenty of water. The plant grow, make flowers, still looked good. Know the plant is dieing. What is happening to it. This is the
    second time this has happened. What can i do to stop this from happening?

  5. Ooooo Reply:

    How do plants grow in basic conditions(eg: Nutritious soil, good amount of water and sunlight)? Could you please be clear and easy to understand.

  6. Adgjm Reply:

    It was resently shown on CCTV (Chiness chanel TV) how someone was growing water plants for commecial purposes. Most of the plants shown grow naturally in in my country. I have try without luck from getting this infromation from CCTV.

  7. Kenny Reply:

    What can you add to water to make plants grow better? I want to grow the best plants ever, and regular water isn’t doing it for me. Is there any other liquid to add to water that will make my plants taste better, look better, and grow better?

  8. Bibeth Reply:

    Need a book that i can read full online for free and gives me information about water and how i helps plants grows and the minerals that help it grow.

  9. Sammycj111 Reply:

    What is in water that makes plants grow so well ?

  10. Kayleveille Reply:

    I have a pond that is about 30ft by 40ft and 10ft deep. The water plants grow out of control each summer. I dont want to use any plant killing chemicals.

  11. Music Man Reply:

    Should I stop drinking water? I mean, water makes plants grow, so it would prevent the apple seeds from sprouting, right?

    Help! I’m really scared. I don’t want a tree to grow inside of me.

  12. Katrina Fivecoat Reply:

    The sun light is the most important to our lives.We get darker from basking in the sun.Do we also get the same effect when we expose by large amount of fluorescent light ?
    We use lamps to make some water plants grow .What’s the difference is it from exposing to the sun light?

  13. Adele Reply:

    I would like to know the certain kinds of water plants that can grow in a gray-water garden pond. We are trying hard to conserve water at home and gray-watering plants seemed like a good idea.

  14. Warrior9988 Reply:

    Does hot water make plants grow more, or does cold water make plants grow more?

  15. Ah Man Da Reply:

    I need to know if there’s a special type of water that makes plants grow faster.

  16. Robert Perez Reply:

    I’m trying to do a quick science project and I need to know whether microwaved water or regular room temperature water would help plants grow faster?

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