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How Bad is my Eye Prescription

You may have such questions as How to Translate an Eye Prescription and How Bad Is My Eye Prescription,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Read Eye Prescription. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Eye Prescriptions Interpretation,too. Read more as following:

You can tell how bad your eye prescription is by asking your doctor. You can also look at the prescription on the box of your glasses case. The I prescription should be on the box.

How Bad is my Eye Prescription?

Perfect eyesight is 20/20, which means that you see something 20 feet away as though it were 20 feet if your eyesight is 20/300, you see something that is 20 feet away as though it were 300 feet away.... More »

How to Read Eye Prescription?

The main distinctions of the eye prescription are the S which is the spherical portion that reads the nearsightedness, or the farsightedness, C measures the level of astigmatism, and the axis measures the orientation of the astigmatism.... More »

What Eye Prescription is Legally Blind?

The prescription for legal blindness is 20/200. People that are minimally legally blind and can still see a bit although full blindness prohibits any vision whatsoever.... More »

What does my eye prescription mean?

This is mild myopia, nearsightedness. The right eye has a tiny amount of astigmatism (+0.25x010). You would need glasses to see distance objects clearly. Reading vision would be excellent without any glasses. Source(s): ... More »

How to understand eye prescriptions?

1. Read your prescription. There should be two fields, one labeled OD and one labeled OS. Each field should have three numbers after it. OD is the abbreviation for the latin word oculus dexter, or right eye, while OS is the abbreviation of the latin... More »


  1. Cm93 Reply:

    I never actually seen baseball players wearing glasses…..

    Do people with bad eye-sight and need glasses do good in baseball?

    If you are planning to tryout for a baseball team….

    Do you need glasses? What kinds? I don’t want my prescription glasses to be destroyed.

  2. Sweetie Reply:

    I have really bad eyes and I was just wondering wether I really needed glasses or wether I could skip them and just go straight for contacts instead? And what are the pros and cons for glasses and contact lenses? Thank you

  3. Carole Reply:

    Would my insurance Cover it? I have insurance, (fidelisny) and i have super bad eye site. my glasses that i have now cost 200dollars if i didn’t have insurance also, how long would i have to wait for them?
    also im 14. and my eyes are brown.

  4. Osvaldo Reply:

    I have bad eye site so I have to wear contact’s or glasses so I’m trying to find some prescription strength contacts that have designs on them.

  5. Supernova2013 Reply:

    for people that has bad eye sight. if u wear a pair of glasses, and then u wear some contact lenses that is less strength than ur glasses. for few hours. will it cause negative effect to ur eyes?

  6. Kallie Reply:

    My prescription right now is -3.75 but when i bought the lenses it was -3.00 but my lenses came very late so when it came my prescription grew. Would it be bad if my lenses prescription are a bit less then the my eye prescription ?

  7. Zoey Reply:

    My prescription reads:
    O.D. -5.50 -1.50 177 (sphere, cylinder, axis)
    O.S. -5.25 -1.50 180

    I just wanted to get a general idea of how bad my eyes are compared to the average person.

  8. Relem Reply:

    -3.75, -3.50 PWR correspondingly left and right. My prescription seems to be increasing each time I see the optometrist, so I’m wondering how bad my eyes are considered to be.

  9. Moon Reply:

    I have one quite bad eye, and the other is almost fine, i was wondering if this would affect me getting contact lenses such as making them dearer or something.

  10. Kiel Reply:

    Im 15 and my eye prescription is -5.00 in one eye and -4.50 in the other. three years ago it was around -4.00 in both eyes.
    is this a really bad eye prescription for my age?
    will my eyes go down at this rate or could my eyes stay at this prescription?

  11. Jt Reply:

    How high does the negative numbers go on eye prescription? Would -5 or -6 be considered bad? And if you qualify for laser eye surgery, is your vision instantly improved? is there a chance it could go back and get worse

  12. Sadie Reply:

    hi.I have a different eye prescription for my two eyes.. one eye is -0.50 and the other is -1.25. Which ones stronger?
    Thank You !

  13. Betta Reply:

    How high does the negative numbers go on eye prescription? Would -5 or -6 be considered bad? And if you qualify for laser eye surgery to help improve your eyesight, is there a chance it could go back and get worse

  14. Charlotte Reply:

    My eye prescription is at -7.00, I know that’s not legally blind, but I have a friend who is -10.00…and I would figure that -10.00 is the minimum for legal blindness.

    But I would love to know the answer to this.

  15. Natalie Reply:

    My eyes are -7.50 and -7.00 on the left. My eye prescriptions are increasing by about .5 every year for the last 2-3 years . what is the worst eye prescription there is?

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