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How is Hemoglobin Made

You may have such questions as What Is Hemoglobin Made From and Where Is Hemoglobin Made,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Hemoglobin Made. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Where Is Hemoglobin Produced in the Body,too. Read more as following:

Hemoglobin is made when 4 proteins molecules stick together which are called globulin chains. These chains are made up of 2 alpha-globulin and 2 beta-globulin chains.

What is hemoglobin made from?

amino acids.... More »

Where is hemoglobin made?

at the bone marrow and liver and it occurs in both the cell's mitochondria and cytosol.... More »

How is hemoglobin made

Like all proteins, the "blueprint" for hemoglobin exists in DNA. No... ...MORE...... More »

What is a white blood cell is made mostly of hemoglobin?

the question should be: Is a white blood cell made mostly of hemoglobin? if that was the question then yes, yes it is... More »

How much water is made "non-free" by 36% native hemoglobin?

At equilibrium, the concentration ratio of poly(ethylene gycol) (PEG-4000) in a dialysis sac containing a 35.1% solution of native bovine hemoglobin over that in the external solution is 0.196 +/- 0.028 (mean +/- SD). This apparent equilibrium distri... More »

What percentage of hemoglobin is made of iron?

33% Source(s): Im a Doctor... More »


  1. Narendra Reply:

    Also if i smoke in my room with my window open and door closed, could this affect the rest of the people in the apartment?

    I don’t want BS that you just made up, my sister is already doing that.

  2. Chelsea Reply:

    I know a few simple ones, like one is in the body, and the other is made by workers, but I need really good info (not too complicated) for one of my several tasks due.

    I could google it myself, but I really need to do other homework pieces.

  3. Danicalifornia Reply:

    Not the structure of red blood cells, JUST haemoglobin and its protein structures.

  4. Lisam. =) Reply:

    Everything found on earth is made of at least one element on the period table, correct?

  5. Faith Anne Smith Reply:

    Any GOOD recommended vegetables to increase hemoglobin in blood? Thanks
    Actually I did my blood test last month and doctor found that my hemoglobin is low, so I’ld like to know what vegetables should I eat to increase hemoglobin level?

  6. Abigail Reply:

    The question specifically is in small mammals is the priority of haemoglobin to load or unload oxygen? Also is the priority of haemoglobin to load or unload oxygen in the human foetus?

  7. Aurora Reply:

    The hemoglobin level reads 10. I’m anxious to have your advice.

  8. Gargar Reply:

    Are we made up of all the 92 elements or less?

  9. Karen Reply:

    The protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in red blood cells, is not made in a skin cell. Explain why.

  10. Kerri Reply:

    What can you take if the hemoglobin count is too high?.. and if someone where to die of it wat will be the illness? What oraganelle does it affect?

  11. Nea Reply:

    Please don’t say blood doping. I just want to know the natural, home made fastest way to do it.
    Much appreciated, thank you.

  12. Subrata Reply:

    I’ve heard that digestive enzymes are made out of amino acids but aren’t they also made out of other nutrients such as vitamins or minerals? -iron maybe? Please clarify.

  13. Astha Reply:

    Hey guys,

    is it possible to visibly increase hemoglobin in just a few days?
    Will eating a lot of food containing iron help?

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