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How can I Make my Hair Blonde Using Home Products

You may have such questions as Will I Look Good with Blonde Hair and How Do I Go Back to Blonde Hair from Red,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Dye Hair Blond With Athome Products. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Homemade Blonde Hair Dye,too. Read more as following:

You can make a home made blonde hair dye by mixing lemon juice, and water. Pour this over your damp hair and let it sit for 1 hour. Wash it and use a good conditioner. Repeat daily for several weeks.

will I look good in blonde hair?

If you're a black girl, you shouldn't go blonde. The majority of black girls who go blonde look really bad and it looks too unnatural.... More »

How do i go back to my natural honey blonde hair from dark red?

Ask your hair dresser.... More »

How to dye hair blond with at-home products?

1. Using the box as a guide, select a shade that looks like what you want. Don't just use the color on the front photo; look on the side panel where it shows how the color works on hair of different shades. If you have very dark hair, use a color tha... More »

How to Bleach Your Hair With Home Products?

To bleach your hair at home pour 3 ounces of creme developer and 2 scoops of bleaching powder in a plastic mixing bowl, start at the back. Tie your hair under a shower cap and keep it like this for less than sixty minutes so that you don't burn your... More »

How do i use professional hair-bleaching products at home?

1. Put on the gloves that come in the bleaching kit. Hair bleach is a strong chemical that will bleach your hands and clothing. Nothing makes a home bleach job more obvious than bleached hair with matching bleached hands. 2. Pour the bleaching powder... More »

How to get the color out of hair using home-based products?

1. Shampoo your hair with extremely hot water several times. The easiest way to fade an unwanted color is to wash it repeatedly with hot, soapy water. 2. Apply hot oil treatments to your hair, and add hairspray after the hot oil treatments. Not only... More »


  1. Student Reply:

    i have dark brown hair. i just want to know if ther is a way to naturally dye my hair blonde or at least lighter without using any products or the sun.

  2. Blue Pandazz Reply:

    My hair was naturally blonde but I dyed it dark brown using casting creme gloss

    The box said it would come out in 24 washes but it definitely hasn’t…

    Any home remedies or products that would get it out quick-ish?

    Bleach isn’t an option…

  3. Omar M Reply:

    I have dirt blonde ? light brown hair , and i reely wish it was reely shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny 😀 does anyone kno and home product to use to make it shiny and soft?, or what shampoos and conditioners do u recomend? woohoo thanks <3

  4. Jordan Clifton Reply:

    i wanna dye my hair blonde but id ont wanna bleach it. how would i get it to be blonde maybe using at home tricks or even good hair dyes and how do you keep up with roots? please give me some tips. (:
    so if i were to bleach it, what could i do to maybe make it not so dead nd take care of it?

  5. Juyune Reply:

    I already have kind naturally ash-blonde hair highlights. I want to make my hair lighter using home made solutions. I know lemon juice and tea supposedly works but does any one have any other ideas or products?

  6. Sarah Elizabeth Grac3 Keating Reply:

    Okay so I have super light brown hair and I want to dye it blonde. Is there anything I can use at home to dye it blonde?

  7. Carlos Woodfork Reply:

    I just recently dyed my hair blonde but now my eyebrows are to dark….what at home products can i use?

  8. Eduardo Reply:

    I have naturally light red hair and i have been dying it a darkish brown for about a year now, i would like a change. What would happen if i dyed it blonde just like that (using a home product or at the salon). I don’t care if i went ginger, but would it go green or yellow?

  9. Jaz Reply:

    My hair is naturally dirty blonde. I would like to dye it blonde without using a kit or bleach.
    Is there a way to dye it blonde using at home products? Thanks to anyone who answers!<3

  10. Melydelyrox Reply:

    i have naturally dark hair and intend on dying my hair blonde using home products. But i know this always ends up in shit and i’ll have really coarse, dry hair. are there any products that are intended specifically for mainting the softness and the shine in bleached blonde hair?

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