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How can I Tell if IM Going Bald

You may have such questions as What Are My Chances of Going Bald and How Do I Know If Im Going Bald,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Tell If Youre Going Bald. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Signs of Going Bald,too. Read more as following:

In my opinion, you can tell if you are going bald by taking a close look at the hair on your head. If you are seeing patches of skin rather than hair, you are probably going bald.

What Are My Chances Of Going Bald?

If you haven't been through any thining stages yet, I think your chances are good that you will keep most of your hair. Believe it or not healthy foods help and junk food accelerates the "DHT" problem. I wouldn't worry about it because, as you sugges... More »

How do I Know if IM Going Bald?

If you think you are going bald, look at the top of your head. If you see thin spots or hairless areas, you might be going bald. Also, look at family members, because this is genetic.... More »

How to Tell if You're Going Bald

1 Don't start worrying if you see hair lying around . Don't forget that humans shed hair constantly. So, your follicles are falling out is not always sign of going bald. 2 Most hair loss is due to genetics so check your family tree . You can work out... More »

How do I know if I'll go bald?

hi how are u first of all if you need to know that you will go bald you nedd to check if your family have it in their genes , check your mom's head and your dad's head , if their hair is thick and good then don't worry about it, you might be losing h... More »

Does Rogaine Work?

It has been reported that out of 100%, only 55% say that rogaine actually works. While the other 45% are saying that it doesn't work. Rogaine is used to help restore hair loss. It's important to know that rogaine works better for men who have not exp... More »

Why do Men Go Bald?

Men go bald when their hair follicle closes and stops allowing the hair to grow. This often happens over a period of time that starts with a receding hair line or a bald spot.... More »


  1. Vick Reply:

    Just the basic things. It’s my first tym so I want just the general things. Like how many times a month old puppy should take bath. and how many times a day should it be fed? I cant google it, im sorry. So dnt giv me such sugg for heaven’s sake!

  2. Vicky Reply:

    I’m fourteen, and I dyed my hair black a few weeks ago and there is like a bald spot on the middle of my scalp.

    The Tumor Thing:
    I have a bump on the back of my neck that seems swollen?

  3. Jazmin Reply:

    how can you tell if your hair is damaged? what are some things to look for?
    does your hair fallout when it is damaged? also, does it apply to long hair only or wat about medium and short hair?

  4. Ashwin Reply:

    Because I have a thinning spot on the middle close to front part of my head where when i move it there is quite a bit of scalp that can be seen.
    All of my cousins on my mothers side have hair so Im thinking im fine…but I just want to be sure.
    What kind of doctor should I go to?

  5. Shineeashley121 Reply:

    I have tried a lot of shampoo’s and conditioners but nothing seems to work. Im going crazy because Im only 15 and a Junior in HS and I feel like im going bald!! someone please help me it would really make my life so much easier.

  6. Animesh S Reply:

    The bleach im using is for your hair so please dnt tell me that im killing it and ill go bald…im only bleaching one strand. My hair is dark brown. Thanks!

  7. Foospoo Reply:

    recently i cant tell. i peed on my bed. i peed on my head. now im bald because my bangs fell off.

  8. Nika Reply:

    from the info i just gave you can you tell if im going bald?

  9. Calista Reply:

    I probably have the worst facical combo. I got a widows peak, im genetically bald when i grow up so i have a big forhead. I have small eyes also and dark hair. If theres a hairstyle that best suits me, please tell me.

  10. Amie Reply:

    what are the most obvious ways, besides seeing the hair, to tell if im balding, losing, or have thinning hair

  11. Tom Reply:

    Well, everyone in my family has a full head of hair except my dad and like 2 uncles.

    Im 14. My hair really thick and stuff. If i scratch my head some hair would fall out.

  12. Lala Reply:

    i have naturally curly hair and i straighten it every single day.. and everyone keeps telling me im gonna be bald lol … is it true?

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